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Apostle of the Hague

The apostille is the legalization of the signature of a public official that validates a document, which must be registered in the database of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the competent entity in the country where it was issued. The apostille certifies the legitimacy of the signature of the public official stamped on the document, but does not certify its content. A document must be apostilled when the country in which it will take effect forms part of the Convention on the Abolition of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents of the Hague of 1961.

Countries that Apostille: COUNTRIES APOSTILLAN.

Documents of a Civil Character

  • Civil records issued by Registradurías: Special, Municipal and Auxiliary.
  • Civil Deeds or Registry issued by Notaries Documents signed by natural or legal persons (Private).
  • Citizenship card
  • Identity card
  • Immigration Cédulas
  • Conventional Passport

Education Documents

  • Diplomas, program content, academic programs, existence constancy educational establishment.
  • Civil Aeronautics education documents
  • Documents issued by SENA, ICFES and ICETEX.
  • Professional cards

Documents of Religious Character

  • Ecclesiastical documents issued in Bogotá.
  • Ecclesiastical documents issued outside of Bogotá.
  • Legal personality of other creeds or cults recognized by the State.
  • Other documents of creeds or cults recognized by the State.

Note: notary, court, religious documents, registry documents, among others, must have less than 30 days of issuance and state to the public official who signs that it is for the apostille process.

Certificate of Foreign Investment

Certification issued by the Bank of the Republic that is one of the ways to obtain a Colombian visa or residence according to the investment amounts.

Foreign investment in Colombia is considered foreign capital investment in Colombian territory, including Colombian free zones, by non-residents in Colombia.

To obtain this certification, will require the following documents:


  • Copy of the declaration of change for international investments (Form No. 4) before the Intermediary of the Exchange Market (Bank of your preference in Colombia) with the respective filing or numbering (DCV).
  • Copy of the identity document with which the investment was registered.