Resolution 2223


After more than 5 months of the suspension from the Migración Colombia services, due to the pandemic, the activities of the Migration office are finally gradually resuming.

With the Resolution 2223 of 2020, starting from September 21, the gradual reactivation of the following services begins:

1. Foreign ID Card (Cédula de Extranjería)
2. Foreigner Registration
3. Certificate of Migratory Movements
4. (Salvoconductos)
5. Extension of Temporary Permits of Permanence

Visas denial in Colombia


Since the State of Emergency began in Colombia due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has gradually increased the severity in the visa applications review. In fact, in recent weeks we have seen several cases of VISA DENIALS, in which the government rejects the application and restricts the foreigner submitting a new application for the six (6) following months after the date of the denial.

Given the above, and thinking of all our clients, our legal team specialized in Immigration Law, filed a protective action against the Foreign Ministry to deepen the situation and know first-hand what is happening regarding Colombian visa applications.


How to contribute to social security in Colombia if you are a foreigner?

If you are a foreigner, but you reside in Colombia and you have a Cédula de Extranjería, it is important you keep in mind that under Law 100, Decree 064 of 20-01-2020, you are legally responsible for contributing to social security in Colombia through the contributory system.

What is the IBC?
It is the minimum value on which the value of the contributions to the General System of Social Security (SGSS) must be calculated.

ELEFUN spanish school logo

Learn Spanish at Elefun: Medellín’s Best Language School

The Elefun Spanish School is more than just a language academy.

Having established itself as the number one choice for Medellín-based expats to learn Spanish, Elefun offers courses that immerses its students into the reality of speaking Spanish on a daily basis.

Its teachers’ holistic and real-world approach to teaching the language is what has gained Elefun notoriety around the city within the expat community, but this isn’t what makes Elefun special.

As well as providing a complete learning experience to its pupils, Elefun is on hand to help new arrivals to Colombia integrate and settle into a new city with airport pickup, accommodation and visa support.

For this reason, Expat Group has decided to partner up with Elefun Spanish School and show its readers why they should choose Elefun as their Spanish learning institute.

colombian retirement visa

Retirement Visa in Colombia: How to get it, costs and more

The M type – Retirement Visa is one of Colombia’s most special and recurring visas. Probably, based on statistics-wise, most applications are for American citizens; Because of, Colombia has become an increasingly great place to spend your retirement years.

Obtaining a retirement visa in Colombia will allow you to enjoy a magical paradise at a low cost.

The retirement visa is one of the easiest and fastest visas to process. It takes about one month to have your visa stamped in your passport and your Colombian ID card for foreigners (Cédula de Extranjería).

US citizens in Colombia

U.S. Citizens in Colombia Repatriation

Spirit Airlines is operating humanitarian flights. These flights must be booked directly through http://www.spirit.com. The Embassy cannot help secure seating on those flights.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please have all passports/travel documents for members of your traveling party handy. You will need to complete the form once for EACH person traveling. Click here

Filling out this form does not mean that you will be boarded on a flight, but we will be in a better position to contact you about flight availability and assist you with any repatriation flights. Click here