To make the quote for the travel medical insurance you must take into account the following to fill in the fields properly


The dates must be from when you want the insurance to start and when you want it to end, we generally recommend one year especially if it is for a visa application.


The category is the type of insurance you want, you will find 4 types:

– Day trips: it’s a plan that you can take from 60 days and it will cover you for that period.

– Students: This is insurance for foreigners who want to come and study in Colombia.

– Long stay: It will cover you for the total of your stay, this is for foreigners who want coverage during their time in the final destination.

– Annual plans: These are divided into three subcategories which allow you to have a coverage of 30, 60 up to 90 days for each trip you make.


The origin you must choose is the country of residence. (Different from Colombia)

Example: USA  choose “Estados Unidos"


At the destination, you must choose worldwide


In passengers, you could quote from 1 to 8 insurances for different people.


In the age, you must put the age of the interested in taking the insurance, when you exceed 70 years will have some restrictions if you want more information about this we invite you to contact us.


After filling out the information requested you must click on the quote and you will be taken to a window where you will see the different packages according to the amount of coverage you want to choose when you have made the decision you must go to the bottom and click on select the package you want.


After you click on select at the bottom a small form will be loaded divided in two, the first part will find extra benefits for which if you want to buy them you can pay for example if you want coverage for existing disease, sports or if you are a mother-to-be. In the second part, you must enter your email to receive the quote and a link to make the payment.