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In consideration of the current situation with Coronavirus Covid-19, we are committed to offering our clients the best health insurance.

Assistance service providers usually exclude pandemic case coverage, such as COVID-19, according to the OMS statement, from all their plans.

However, our health insurance does offer medical and healthcare coverage to all users without restrictions. This understanding the importance of guaranteeing the well-being of our users and taking solidarity measures to face the current crisis.

In addition, our medical insurance will allow you to fulfill the requirement of the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores in case you want to obtain a long-stay visa in Colombia because the government seeks to guarantee that foreigners have medical assistance while they are in Colombia in case they have any health problem.

Below, we tell you more about our first-class alliance with Continental Assist.

Continental Assist is a North American company dedicated to the provision of national and international assistance services, which has the worldwide support of the most prestigious networks of service providers in the areas of health, communications, legal, transfers, insurance, and reinsurance.

Below you will find a brief description of each of the plans that we manage with Continental Assist.


Plans per trip

These travel assistance plans provide protection during a round trip. The validity could go up to 120 days overseas.

Long Stay

Our long stay plans are perfect for those travelers who want to enjoy a long journey overseas. If you travel for studies, pleasure, work or any other purpose for 60 days or more up to one full year this fits your needs.

Annual Plans

Annual Multitrip plans are designed for those who travel frequently. These types of plans will protect you on every international trip you make during a calendar year.

Medical Expenses due to an accidentPrescribed Medicines
Medical Expenses due to a non-preexisting disease Emergency Repatriation
Medical expenses due to a hospitalizationRepatriation of Mortal Remains
Medical Expenses due to a preexisting medical conditionHospital Relative Companion
Medical expenses due to pregnancy complicationsHotel expenses due to convalescence
Dental EmergencyLoss of Luggage / Travel Documents
Medical evacuationReturn due to the decease of a family member
24-hour consultation numberReturn due to serious damage in the domicile
Transfer of funds Legal assistance due to a traffic accident
Transfer of funds for a legal bond in case of a traffic accidentBaggage Delay Compensation
Amateur sportsBaggage Damage Compensation
Lost Baggage CompensationPsychological Assistance
Loss of flight or train connectionTelemedicine
Loss of PassportSecond medical opinion
Concierge services Worldwide Geographical Validity
Accompanying persons less than 15 years oldAccompanying persons less than 75 years old
Expenses due to delay or flight cancellation Cancellation or interruption of a contracted trip
Executive substitutionTransmission of urgent messages

Some recommendations for those who decide to acquire any of our health insurance plans

First of all, we ask our users to take care of themselves and avoid visiting places with a high propagation rate.

Before taking any initiative for fear of having the virus, we recommend that you contact our helpdesk for guidance and to have a first evaluation of the case: you should bear in mind that the symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to the common flu.

If you have a scheduled flight, before canceling it, we suggest you make the reprogramming evaluation by directly contacting the tourist companies, who have already implemented policies to help passengers so they can reschedule their trips. We will make the change of dates in the attendance vouchers if necessary without any penalty.

All hotlines are available 7/24/365 to address any concern that arises at this time of world juncture.

Now, according to your specific needs, age, coverage, and duration of the health insurance you choose, the cost of the health insurance may range from approximately $ 100 USD to $ 1,000 USD.

If you are interested in obtaining more information or purchasing this service, we invite you to tap on the button below.

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