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This is a type of visa granted to foreigners who wish to visit the national territory for the purpose of leisure, tourism or cultural interest; Those who do not have free entry to the country as tourists presenting their passport. The visa can be granted with validity up to 2 years taking into account the activity that is proposed abroad in Colombia. The permanence in the national territory authorized to the holder will be of maximum 180 continuous or discontinuous days in each 365 days of use of the visa.

In the event that the application is submitted on a personal or individual basis or with the support and sponsorship of a natural person, the specific requirements are the following:


  • Valid original passport with at least two blank pages.
  • The last stamp of entry to Colombia or document that shows that your immigration status is confirmed.
  • 1 photo 3 x 4 cms white background.
  • Letter signed by the applicant or/and by the person endorsing the application that includes: Full identification of the applicant or the person endorsing the visa (as it appears in the passport or citizenship card), explanation of the connection to the foreigner, reason for the trip, permanence time in Colombia and statement of economic responsibility for accommodation and travel expenses of the person or the foreigner. This is like an invitation letter. In case of not having an invitation, the reservation of a hotel in Colombia may work.
  • Bank statements of the applicant or/and the person who endorses the application for the six (6) months prior to the visa application.
  • Plane tickets to leave the country.

In case the request is submitted with the support of one or more legal entities, it must attach the following requirements:

  • Letter signed by the legal representative of the institution or company that includes:
    -Name of the institution or company, NIT (if legally constituted in Colombia) and contact information.-Full identification of the foreigner as it appears in the passport.-Activity, duration and schedule foreseen for the foreigner.-Link with the foreigner and qualification or expertise.-Declaration of economic responsibility for the expenses of stay and travel abroad.
  • When the institution or company that supports the request is private and incorporated abroad, it must provide a certificate of existence and legal representation or the document that acts as such.
  • Credit liquidity by presenting the bank statements of the institution or company corresponding to the 6 months prior to the request. Public entities do not need to comply with this requirement.