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The travel experience doesn’t begin only when you enter the new country but much earlier with the travel preparation and the many procedures required to start the adventure. Whether you are traveling for a short period or want to settle in a country permanently, one of the main requirements will be to have travel health insurance that allows you to access a wide range of visas and have complete protection during your trip.

Deciding which insurance company you will choose is a difficult step. For this reason, this blog will detail everything that should have reliable travel health insurance, with the help of all the plans our ally Continental Assist has launched to fully cover government visa requirements and the needs of international travelers.

Why do you need to purchase travel health insurance?

Travel insurance is no longer considered a luxury option. Now, in most countries, the acquisition of a comprehensive travel policy has become a mandatory requirement for foreigners to meet the requirements of some Chancellery processes.

Additionally, the customer-centric approach of these services is essential for those seeking total protection and peace of mind during their journey. A clear example would be when unexpected events occur, and insurance agencies must deal with these situations, assuming the costs arising from the incidents that may occur, depending on each particular case and the conditions of each coverage plan.

Travel health insurance is a requirement for many visa applications in Colombia.
Travel health insurance is a requirement for many visa applications in Colombia.

All Visitor Visas (V-Type) and some Migrant Visas (M-Type) require a travel health insurance policy for the initial application and subsequent approval, each according to its conditions. In our experience processing visas and other permits to stay in Colombia, choosing the best travel insurance policy is essential to make the application visa process much more effective.

What does travel medical insurance cover?

All travel medical insurances are different, and from our experience, we know how crucial it is to find agencies that provide the most ample international health insurance. That’s why we’ve partnered with Continental Assist, a renowned insurer that offers comprehensive insurance plans and has the support of an extensive network of partners to ensure you will receive assistance and enjoy the following benefits:

Colombian Visa

Valid for visa procedures and coverage in case of passport loss.


Medical assistance and prescription drugs worldwide.


Emergency repatriation in case of illness, accident or death.


Coverage in loss or cancellation of flights, trains or cruises.

Age range

They have different plans available with coverage for ages from 0 to 85 years old.


Validity of 365 days, being able to purchase two consecutive vouchers (two-year coverage).

Will I be attended to in an emergency with travel health insurance?

The service protocols of the travel medical insurance you choose should be designed to provide exceptional support within each of the available coverage options in your plan, which translates to a VIP level of service, where the best support during critical moments will be provided without fail.

Purchasing high-quality travel medical insurance ensures access to quality medical facilities and services, should any eventuality happen to you.

Can I buy travel health insurance from anywhere?

Now, it is possible to buy your travel insurance online since the processes of purchasing medical assistance policies have been simplified in just a few simple steps to start enjoying high-quality global coverage.

Step 2: Enter the essential information to quote your trip.

continental assist

Details such as your journey's start and end dates, country of origin, and destination are required. Please note that in the dropdown list, the “United States” is listed under "Americas." The destination will always be “Worldwide,” and the category you should select is "Long Stay."

Download the OFFICIAL guide step-by-step how to purchase Travel Health Insurance with Continental Assist

What are the advantages of choosing the travel health insurance offered by Continental Assist?

Recognizing the importance of having adequate protection during the stay of foreigners in Colombia, our partner offers a variety of insurance plans specially designed to meet the requirements of all Colombian visa processes. This option will give you peace of mind with solid and comprehensive coverage in case of unforeseen events during your stay in the country.

The coverage also extends to a network of national and international services, ensuring that assistance is available quickly and effectively, no matter where you are in Colombia or the world.

The only travel health insurance with coverage for up to two years

Continental Assist now offers a unique type of travel health insurance, providing coverage for up to two years. This option is particularly advantageous for those processing visas with extended validities, such as the Digital Nomad Visa. This insurance operates by acquiring separate vouchers, each valid for one year.

It is possible to purchase both vouchers simultaneously as long as the second voucher begins after the first expiration date, thus providing extensive coverage in terms of time. Although there is no direct continuity between the travel health insurance periods, each operates per event, ensuring adequate protection throughout its duration.

This possibility makes Continental Assist the only agency in the market offering this modality, which is ideal for processing long-duration visas.

Continental Assist provides a comprehensive solution in travel insurance and health assistance for those who wish to visit the country with any type of visa or want to travel to other countries.

Obtaining high-quality travel health insurance ensures that you will have access to quality medical facilities and services in the event of any unexpected circumstances.

Continental Assist is a reliable and complete option with a committed care team, solid coverage, and a network of quality medical providers.

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Travel health insurance has become an essential requirement for any international adventure. Continental Assist offers specific plans that meet these requirements, simplifying the visa application process and providing complete care in many aspects you must protect during your trip. 

Trusting in Continental Assist will be your best decision when purchasing travel health insurance and leaving your visa process in the hands of will increase the effectiveness of your visa application. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Book an appointment with our team.

Do you want to obtain a step-by-step on how to purchase Travel Health Insurance with Continental Assist?

At, we know how essential how essential it is to have a travel assistance policy. You just need to fill out the form and get this guide we have created for you, with the step-by-step how to purchase Travel Health Insurance with Continental Assist.

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