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We support the new business management process in Colombia with technology that facilitates the management of all the necessary processes in the company, for this we can offer:


The administration system allows the company to issue legal invoices in Colombia, know the financial information of your company, conduct negotiation processes and manage different processes of your industry.

All our systems operate completely in line, which guarantees the protection of operations information and access from anywhere in the world through secure connections.


  • 100% in the cloud.
  • American and European information security certificates.
  • APP for the client to manage and manage the company from their cell phone.
  • 24/7 access.
  • Multiuser: allows that with the same account you can have several people connected simultaneously.
  • 15 thousand invoices: other competitors offer only 100 or 500 invoices for the same price, our system allows 15,000 invoices in the system from the initial version.
  • 100% visual and animated reports
  • Unique in the industry with personalization of fields and functionalities according to the client.
  • Possibility of designing special modules for the client's industry or business line (for example, real estate module, commercial visits module, among others).
  • Online support channel.
  • Instructions for use on video.
  • Unlimited training.
  • It facilitates accounting processes with delivery of information according to the needs of the accountant.
  • Functionality of importing information from tables in Excel in an agile way.
  • Customization of the design of quotes, orders and invoices.


1. Customers: creation of business customers with the data that the company requires to have them, is customizable.

2. Product module: allows the creation of the portfolio of products and services that are subject to billing and control.

3. Quotes module: the customer can make quotes and proposals for their potential customers based on the product portfolio.

4. Orders or orders module: allows to register the orders of customers with statuses for the control of the fulfillment of the order.

5. Billing module: allows billing at one or different points of sale with cross sales or branch sales, depending on the customer's need. In addition, it allows the invoicing in own block for these companies that must invoice repeatedly an item every month. The customer can select if he prefers traditional printing or strip printing.

6. Portfolio report: allows you to control accounts payable by customers.

7. Expense module: allows the creation of purchases and expenses of the company for the administrative control of the company.

8. Supplier module: allows the registration of suppliers, which sell services to the company and are necessary for the control of the company's expenses.

9. Documentary module: allows the administration of documents associated with the company, this has a capacity of 500 mb in the basic model. For additional storage, the value is 40 thousand pesos per 3 gb of attached documents.

10. Visiting agenda module: allows you to control with calendar views, appointment scheduling and commercial activities.

11. Boxes and banks: the collection can be classified according to the account or means of payment.

12. Accounting information: the system provides the information of movements necessary for the accounting process, delivers reports that are customizable according to what is established by the accountant or fiscal reviewer of each company.

13. Personnel control: allows the creation of the database of employees, salaries, monthly benefits and generation of payment receipts and payroll stubs.

14. Reports: our reports module is one of the most advanced in the market, it has visual reports on cakes, bars, projection or detailed tables with sum of movements. With more than 1,200 customization possibilities.

15. Inventory: control of consolidated inventory movements in advanced plans.


We are official representatives of Zoho CRM in Colombia, with the CRM you can have everything you need to manage the relationship with the company's customers.

The implementation of Zoho CRM for the performance of the company with customer orientation, allows the automation of processes related to the sales cycle, management of quotes, purchase orders, contracts, hundreds of types of customizable reports, dashboards, promotional campaigns, formats and documents associated with the operation, control of sales force, among others.

It also allows the use and generation of real results derived from marketing strategies, especially those related to digital marketing thanks to direct connections with social networks, campaigns and the company's website.

The implementation of the CRM developed by Arrobatecno allows the customization of modules that are defined in the process of consulting with the client.

Basic system functionalities:

1. Prospects: it is the module that allows the capture of customer data from different sources to start a relationship with the company. The system allows data storage and automatic management, identifying your needs and performing automatic response processes, such as sending information that clarifies and improves the possibilities of the purchase process.

2. Contacts: it is the module that allows to manage the information and the relationship with the people that are part of the client companies or that have some relation with the company. The system has a complete customizable resume that shows the totality of the management that is done from the company to the people.

3. Accounts or companies: it is the module that allows the management of the relationship with the companies, accumulating in a single resume, the management of the company, and of all the contacts that are associated with it, for example, each quote , mail, campaign sent to the client can be monitored by the system.

4. Quotations module: this module formalizes for the client the estimation of the costs of the services or products, allows to count on the written commercial offer and certifies its delivery via mail. In addition, each of the templates is customized making the quotation something attractive and easy to understand for the client. You can have different formats depending on the segment or type of customer.

5. Purchase orders or contracts: allows the formalization of commercial agreements between companies, for this you can have complex contract formats or simple purchase orders, all customizable to the conditions of the company. This module accelerates the hiring process and guarantees the control of the company's business.

6. Invoices: the system allows invoicing the services corresponding to the company, complying with all the requirements of law. The invoice is customized in the design that the client requires and with the information that the client determines, in addition to the mandatory data of law.

7. Product portfolio: Organized product data, prices, taxes and everything related to the description, making it easier for the company to manage the commercial processes that use this information.

8. Automation module: automations are automatic processes that allow the system to send notifications and reminders to customers, such as: remember appointments, remember that there is a pending quote, remember reviews, notify appointment status, notify offers, remember tasks, enter others that are personalized with the flow that each client requires in their processes.

9. Commercial management module: the system allows the administration of the sales force supporting the fundamental processes for achieving sales objectives, for this not only aligns with all the modules of the system, but also has specialized modules such as agendas, management notes, visit records, call records, contact databases, meeting goals and budgets for visits and sales. In addition, others that the special process of each company requires.

10. Agenda management: the system allows the administration of the agendas of the different advisors, visits, tasks and everything that requires time management.

11. Management of activities and alerts: this module allows you to generate specific tasks on each of the modules, with this you also program alerts and reminders that help to facilitate the monitoring of the processes that are operated in the system.

12. Segmentation: customer management by segments allows differentiating information, service model, priority in requests, messages such as birthdays, among others.

13. Campaigns: the system allows the configuration of commercial campaigns, campaigns through social networks and management of promotional plans.

14. PQRS: this module allows you to listen to the client, understand their needs and have optimal channels of attention and control of the process of requests, complaints, claims and requests, with the respective follow-up to their needs, formal response and evidence.

15. Document management: have images, documents and other documentary media related to each client's resume, contracts, files and much more.

16. Reports: the system allows the configuration and customization of hundreds of reports, in tables, bar graphs, cakes, trends, funnels and more, this allows decision making and rapid consolidation of company information.

17. Custom modules: in case the customization of each module is not sufficient for the development of the company's activities, Arrobatecno will develop additional customized modules for the processes that require it.

18. Mobile management APP: the system contains an app for entering the system, with which you can manage processes from outside the company and have access to all the modules of the system.


For the promotion of your company and to be known in the market, it is necessary to exist on the internet, for this we have 3 types of websites that fit your needs, the sites can be informative, catalogs, online stores or transactional sites .

Our package includes:

  • Development and assembly of the company's website with content manager.
  • Graphic design of the website.
  • Content writing oriented to SEO web positioning.
  • Source code with SEO (this allows search engine positioning like Google).
  • No sections limit (the sections to be implemented are agreed with the client).
  • Adapted to work perfectly from mobile and tablet.
  • Implementation of Google Analytics system for control and monitoring of website indicators.
  • Corporate emails
  • Contact forms.
  • Training for update.
  • Image bank photographs are included.
  • Hosting and domain included.
  • Payment button (only for online store).
  • Online sales software with reports and management (only for online store).
  • If your company belongs to a specific industry, we will accompany you in the process of adapting our systems to your industry.
  • We currently have customized systems for different types of businesses.
Agile implementation time
Administrative systems adapted to Colombian standards
Adapting technology to your business model
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