Remote work in Colombia Everything you need to know


What does remote work mean?

Getting to know other cultures, enjoying the landscapes, and learning from new people are some of the possibilities that come with remote work, a term gaining more strength every day around the world and being promoted even more thanks to the digital nomad visa

Working from anywhere is currently one of the advantages that young people are looking for when starting a new job since long office hours are a thing of the past, where workers begin their day very early in the morning and finish it around 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM. This was not only due to the work they had to do but also to the time they used to spend during rush hour.

Instead of spending that time in city traffic, remote workers explore the world by getting to know new cities and cultures. This is how the concept of the digital nomad is gaining momentum.

Although it might seem new, it is not, since the origin of this term dates back to the late 90’s, with the creation of computers and the internet.

"Digital nomads are a lifestyle, location-independent and technology-enabled"

This facilitates the ability to work from anywhere worldwide, becoming increasingly common. This is why Forbes Magazine made an article based on the Go Banking Rates report, listing the most affordable countries for digital nomads who receive their salary in dollars. Colombia was ranked number 2, considering that the cost of living is lower compared to countries like the United States or the United Kingdom.

Can I work remotely from Colombia as a foreigner?

In response to the growing wave of remote workers worldwide, in 2022, Colombia decided to incorporate the digital nomad visa as a category within the visa types through Resolution 5477 of July 2022.

This visa is aimed at foreigners who work remotely, employees, freelancers, owners, or partners of foreign companies. In addition, those who seek to start an enterprise of digital content or information technologies that are of interest to Colombia. This visa allows you to stay in Colombian territory for up to two (2) consecutive years, with the possibility of reapplying as many times as you wish.

Digital nomad visa approved for two years to work from Colombia
Digital nomad visa approved for two years to work from Colombia

As we have mentioned in previous blogs about digital nomads, there is a list of initial documents -depending on whether you are an employee, freelancer, businessman, or entrepreneur- that you must have filled out and ready when applying to acquire this visa. 

Resolution 5477, in Article 46, lists such documents. However, under its discretionary power, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may request additional documents to those submitted to issue a response to your visa application. If you want to know more about the requirements and costs of the digital nomad visa, we invite you to read our blog, «Colombian Digital Nomad Visas Approved

With more than 10 (ten) years of experience and more than 2,800 visas processed in, we ensure that your process is carried out professionally and with great attention to detail under the highest quality standards and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requirements, thus increasing the chances of success in your application process.

We encourage you to consult with our experts. We have experience in digital nomad visas with successful processes, where expats recommend us. We invite you to watch Josep Manier’s testimony and his experience with our service.

What should my budget be if I want to remote work from Colombia as a foreigner?

In addition to having a digital nomad visa, Colombia has great attractions to be selected as your place of work. One of them is its low prices since it is positioned as the Latin American country with the lowest cost of living, according to Numbeo’s Quality of Life Index. The approximate value is 546 dollars (2’198,539 pesos with an exchange rate of 4,026 pesos) to maintain a good quality of life.

Likewise, taking into account the Go Banking Rates report mentioned by Forbes Magazine, it is estimated that renting a one-bedroom apartment in Colombia costs approximately US$262 (1,054,812.00 pesos at an exchange rate of 4,026 pesos) per month. However, these prices could be lower or higher depending on the city and neighborhood you decide to live in.

Also, you need to make an estimated food budget for a single person monthly, according to Vivir Enn, a portal that is responsible for conducting studies worldwide on how cheap or expensive it is to live in different countries. They suggest that, in Colombia, you should spend approximately 60 dollars a month on food (243,000 Colombian pesos at an exchange rate of 4,026 pesos).

Considering the above, you should assume that, to obtain the digital nomad visa and work remotely from the Colombian territory, you must have an income equal to or higher than 3 SMMLV. Based on this requirement, you can elaborate on your own budget to determine whether or not you can live in the country, considering all the expenses we have mentioned up to this point.

Colombia has cities for all tastes and needs of digital nomads
Colombia has cities for all tastes and needs of digital nomads

Should I have medical insurance to work from Colombia?

A requirement that you need to have on your list if you want to remote work from Colombia is to have a health policy. Besides being something mandatory if you wish to apply for the digital nomad visa, you must also have it for protection and care, especially because we are never free from having an accident.

Therefore, the following are the key aspects that your travel insurance should cover:

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Remember that once your visa is approved, keeping the health policy in force is essential since canceling it could affect the validity of your visa and your stay in Colombia.

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What is the ideal city for remote work?

Now that you know the requirements and costs to develop your job in Colombia, it is time to consider your destination. One of the great advantages of remote employment is the freedom to move around the world. Some digital nomads see this type of work as a way to escape from spending seasons like winter or summer in their home countries.

Colombia is an excellent option for those who prefer a friendlier climate, as you will find cities for all tastes.


Average temperature 19°C.


Average temperature 24°C.


Average temperature 30°C.

Colombia enjoys a privileged climate thanks to its location on the equator. This gives it the particularity of having no defined seasons maintaining a predominantly tropical climate throughout the year.

Besides the climate, you will also find options for all tastes; those who prefer the beach can work from Santa Marta, Cartagena, or San Andres. However, cities like Medellin or Armenia will be great options for those who prefer the mountains. On the other hand, for those looking to explore the jungle, the Colombian Amazonas can offer more extreme experiences, as well as the Tatacoa Desert.

Among the options you will find in the country, you will have large cities with a business focus, such as Bogota, Medellin, Barranquilla, and Cali, or smaller and quieter towns, such as Manizales, Armenia, and Pereira, where you can also live a true 100% Colombian coffee experience. Also, experience calm and disconnection in towns where silence and nature are the daily routine, such as Barichara or Salento.

Get the Procolombia Guide with 24 innovative tourism experiences in Colombia

In this guide, you will find the places digital nomads can explore in the Colombian territory. Some destinations are recommended for vacations, and others are also ideal for long stays.

Where can I work remotely?

In Colombia, you will find numerous alternatives to work, especially in major cities such as Bogota, Medellin, Cali, and Barranquilla, as well as in tourist destinations such as Cartagena and Santa Marta.

For those who prefer an environment closer to traditional offices, the best option is to find a coworking space. This not only offers working facilities but also facilitates the creation of professional networks. 

On the other hand, if you prefer to work from the comfort of your accommodation, some Airbnb are specially designed for digital nomads. A recent study by the platform reveals that cities like Medellin, Bucaramanga, and Cali have better equipped apartments for remote work than cities like Bogota or Santa Marta.

Finally, for those who prefer to be mobile and get to know all of Colombia, cafés are an attractive option. These places usually have a reliable wifi connection and tables suitable for working. The only expense you will have to cover will be the food or drink you consume in their facilities.

Coworking is an excellent option to work remotely and meet new people
Coworking is an excellent option to work remotely and meet new people

How do I get an online job that allows me to work from Colombia?

Remember that you must have a contract with a foreign company to work remotely and access the digital nomad visa. It will not be possible to work with a company that belongs to the Colombian territory, and this is one of the requirements that you will find within Resolution 5477 of July 2022.

As long as you keep this in mind, you can work in any labor area, whether as an editor or web developer, among others. Colombia allows you to work remotely, offering various alternatives adapted to each digital nomad’s needs. It is ideal for a quiet work environment and disconnection from developed cities to places surrounded by nature. With the digital nomad visa, Colombia hopes to welcome those who wish to work from the mountains, the plains, the desert, or the beach.

What are the best platforms to work remotely?

Now that we have cleared some important requirements and costs to have a lifestyle that allows you to remote work from Colombia, Finding a job that can be developed from anywhere in the world will also be necessary. Some platforms will make this search easier.

In addition, it is important to remember that not all jobs allow you to work remotely. However, some of the most common jobs and those for which you will find more vacancies are for writers, designers, photographers, editors, tutors, and programmers, among others.

Below is a list of platforms where you can get a job remotely, there are alphabetically.


Upwork is an online platform that connects freelancers with clients seeking services across a variety of fields, ranging from graphic design to programming and writing. The platform allows freelancers to create profiles, showcase their skills, set rates, and search for job opportunities.


The platform has more than 300 (three hundred) categories for remote employees looking for jobs. Some of the most popular options in the vacancies are web design, WordPress management, logo design, or services related to artificial intelligence.


This website works as an intermediary between professionals and companies worldwide. Its main objective is to facilitate hiring freelancers to perform a specific project. Once the payment is agreed upon and the time frame for the work is established, the contract between both parties is initiated.


A portal focused on English speakers since it only offers vacancies in this language. You will find writing, programming, sales, legal, and education among its categories.


A startup founded in 2010 is now one of the favorite work platforms for engineers or software designers looking for more flexible schedules and to develop their daily work by goals.


Workana is an online platform that connects freelancers with clients seeking services in various areas, such as design, programming, writing, and more. Workana has gained popularity as an option for those seeking freelance job opportunities in Latin America and beyond. While it operates similarly to other freelancer platforms, its specific focus on the Spanish-speaking market has allowed it to stand out in the region.

Platforms for work remotely
Platforms for work remotely

If you work on these platforms, you may be able to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa

At we successfully obtained a digital nomad visa for an expat working as a freelancer on Upwork. This was achieved thanks to the platform issuing a letter certifying his independent contractor activity and income.

If you work as a freelancer on one of these platforms, we recommend obtaining a similar certificate directly from the company. Even if they are not your formal employer, they can provide you with the necessary information to support your income and activities as an independent contractor.

Please note that your income must meet the minimum requirement specified for the digital nomad visa. This implies that they must be equivalent to three (3) Minimum Legal Monthly Wages in Force (SMMLV) during the last 3 months, which is equivalent to COP 3,480,000 by 2023 (approximately USD 870, according to a representative rate of COP 4,000/USD).

Upwork Certification
Upwork Certification

FAQs about remote work in Colombia

Can I work remotely from Colombia?

Yes, it is possible to work remotely from Colombia since many companies worldwide have adopted remote work models. However, it is essential to verify the specific requirements of each employer, the permits and times of permanence in the country, and to ensure you have all the amenities you will need to develop your activities.

Do I need a visa to work remotely in Colombia?

Yes, you can work remotely from Colombia with the Digital Nomad Visa. This visa is available for workers affiliated with foreign companies, partners, or co-owners of companies, and for entrepreneurs.

How can I access health services in Colombia as a digital nomad?

Digital nomads must have a health insurance policy with all-risk coverage valid for the Digital Nomad Visa application. The insurance term must be the same as the visa, and the coverage will provide the necessary medical services.

What are the long-term housing options for digital nomads?

In major cities, there are many accommodation options, both for the short and long term. You can opt for Airbnb, Colivings, or hostels. However, renting a property with a monthly contract is much more advisable.

Do you want to download the Procolombia Guide 24 innovative tourism experiences in Colombia?

Because we know that cultural immersion is important for remote workers who are digital nomads, we leave you a guide to some must-see destinations in the country, which will allow you to live a Colombian experience from start to finish.


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