How to rent a house

Renting a house in Colombia has become easier for expats in the last few years.

While the cost of rent varies between locations and types of property, the process to rent a house in Colombia is the same across all of its regions. 

To help you successfully secure your ideal rental, we’ve assembled this succinct guide on Colombian customs and rental requirements within the property market. 

What are the requirements for renting a house in Colombia? 

For renting a Colombian property on Airbnb on a short-term basis (0-3 months), there are a few requirements: An Airbnb account and working phone number are sufficient. 

On the other hand, long-term property rentals through Colombian letting agencies or directly with owners typically have stricter needs. A letting agent or property owner may ask for some of or all of the following information: 

  • A copy of your passport or Colombian ID (Cédula de Extranjería). You may also need a scanned copy of your latest entry stamp into the country.
  • Visa documentation shows that you are legally entitled to stay in Colombia on a long-term basis. An active M-type or R-type visa, for instance, would be acceptable. 
  • Financial documentation that shows you can afford to pay the rent long-term. A bank statement or copy of your work contract will be enough to demonstrate this. 
  • A Colombian fiador (guarantor) that owns Colombian property that will reinforce your ability to make rental payments as per your contract with the lettings agency and/or property owner. 

How much does it cost to rent a house in Colombia?

This depends on property type, location, and length of contract: 

A studio apartment can cost anywhere between $400 – $600 per month ($1.500.000 – $2.800.000COP). Small cities and pueblos like Manizales and Jericó are significantly cheaper than big cities like Medellín, though it’s more difficult to find pre-furnished studios in these places.

A modern apartment with 2-3 bedrooms will set you back somewhere from $600 – $1,400 a month ($1.800.000 – $5.000.000COP). Like studio apartments, larger apartments are significantly cheaper if you furnish them yourself. Modern apartments are more common in Colombia’s biggest cities and cost more if in a higher estrato

If you want to experience living in Colombia’s glorious countryside, a finca (a villa-styled farmhouse) may be something of interest to you. If you’re willing to push the boat out financially speaking, you can find some incredible Colombian properties with breathtaking views. The cost of renting a finca for a month ranges from $1,000 – $10,000+ ($3.800.000 – $38.000.000COP+).

Struggling to find the right Colombian house to rent? Book an appointment with us today to find your perfect Colombian property. 

What are the best apps for renting a house in Colombia?

Airbnb remains the most common app for renting a house in Colombia. Compartoapto is a popular option if you need to rent a single room in a house or apartment while letting agencies like Finca Raiz have apps with unfurnished and furnished Colombian properties.

3 tips for renting Colombian property

  1. Colombia doesn’t have a multiple listings service. Since there’s no equivalent of Zillow in Colombia, this means that real estate agents will not necessarily know all of the property options available to you. It’s always best to consult an experienced property services agency that will have connections to multiple letting agents.
  1. Estratos 6 makes up a tiny fraction of Colombian properties. If you’re looking to rent a modern property in a premium metropolitan area, know that 3 – 4% of all houses are in it Colombia’s most exclusive stratum
  1. Properties may appear on several lettings agencies’ websites. Letting agencies typically work on commission, meaning that their profits increase if you pay more. This means that the same house can have varying rental prices across multiple agencies. 

Renting a house in Colombia is the ideal choice for expats looking to live in Colombia for at least one year, likewise for those who want to try different property types before buying one. To make sure you get the right rental property at the right price, be sure to consult a bilingual property service company first.

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