What is the FBI Background Check?

The FBI Background Check service of expatgroup.co, consists of intermediating with the FBI to obtain a digital background certificate for American citizens, that is valid before the Colombian government for visa applications from Colombia.


FBI Background Check

What documents are required to request the FBI Background Check?


Copy the passport's main page, showing the 4 corners of the passport.

Last four digits of the Social Security Number

Provide the last four (4) digits of your Social Security Number.


Be located in Medellín for the fingerprinting appointment.

FBI Background Check Apostille

The apostille service for criminal records is only available for FBI results to be used in visa applications from Colombia.

Remember that apostilles have a maximum validity of 1 to 3 months.

The apostille process takes one week approx.

FBI Background Check Translation

The FBI criminal records official translation service is enabled only for documents issued in English to be translated into Spanish.

Remember that our apostille and translation service includes the translation of up to 3 pages. Each additional page will incur an extra cost of 25 USD.

The translation process takes one week approx.

Why should I use expatgroup.co services?

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FBI Background Check service

$ 220.00 USD
  • Filling out the FBI form.
  • Fingerprinting (Medellín).
  • International shipment to USA.
  • FBI criminal record certificate (digital).

FBI Background Check full service

$ 495.00 USD
  • Filling out the FBI form.
  • Fingerprinting (Medellín).
  • International shipment to USA.
  • FBI criminal record certificate (digital).
  • Authentication of the certificate through a public notary in the USA.
  • Apostille certificate (digital)
  • Official translations into Spanish (1-3 pages max). *Each additional page has a cost of 25 USD/page.

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FAQs about the FBI Background Check

What is an FBI background check?

An FBI background check is a report that lists an individual’s criminal history, if any, within the United States. It is often required for various purposes, such as employment, immigration, adoption, and visa applications.

Why would I need an FBI background check in Colombia?

In Colombia, an FBI background check is necessary to apply for certain visas, like the retirement visa. In some cases, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may request it as an additional document for digital nomad visa applications, although it is not mandatory.

How can I request an FBI background check from Colombia?

You can request an FBI background check from Colombia through the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division. Nevertheless, understanding that this process can be complex, expatgroup.co has decided to launch this service to make this process smooth and stress-free for our customers.

Where can I get my fingerprints taken in Colombia for an FBI criminal records?

Our FBI background check service includes an appointment at our office in Medellin for fingerprinting.

What documents do I need to submit along with my fingerprint card?

You’ll need to submit a completed fingerprint card, a copy of your valid identification (such as your passport), and any additional forms required by the FBI.

How can I get my background check apostille from Colombia?

We offer FBI criminal records apostille services to American citizens in Colombia. This apostille is valid for Colombian visa applications. Our service helps our clients save time, allowing them to focus on enjoying their life in Colombia and freeing them from the complicated and time-consuming process that demands expertise and experience.

How long does the apostille process take?

Using the expatgroup.co apostille service may take approximately one week. However, this time can vary depending on the other parties involved, and these timelines are out of our control.

Does my identity history summary check need to be translated?

Yes, by Article 21 of Resolution 5477, any document issued abroad in a language other than Spanish must be officially translated.

At expatgroup.co, we provide translation services by official translators recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Does all Colombian visa applications require a background check?

No, criminal records are mandatory for certain visas, such as the retirement visa. Recently, the Colombian government has been requiring it as additional documentation for digital nomad visa applications.

How long does it take to receive the results?

The processing time can vary, but it usually takes around 4 – 5 weeks to receive your identity history summary check. 

Can I expedite the process of obtaining an FBI criminal records from Colombia?

We cannot guarantee a way to expedite the process, as we follow every step meticulously to avoid any mistake or delays. However, please consider that this process involves third parties whose timelines are not under our control.

How will I receive the results of my background check?

We will email you the results of your criminal records to the email you provide when submitting your request. Make sure to provide a reliable and secure email address.

What should I do if there are errors in my report?

If you discover errors in your FBI background check report, you can request a correction by following the procedures outlined by the FBI. This typically involves submitting documentation to support your request for correction.