The Domestic Partnership or Common-Law Marriage, which is commonly known in Colombia as a «Unión Marital de Hecho» o «Unión Libre», is a valid union in Colombia for the Marriage Visa application. This type of union is regulated in Colombia through LAW 54 OF 1990.

What is special about Domestic Partnership, is that the couple lives together under the same roof. The ideal is that this coexistence has more than two years to be legalized; However, it is possible to do the procedure with shorter relationships. Also, we have had many successful cases of visa applications with this type of union being a few months together.

The coexistence between two people can then be legalized in three ways: through a public deed in a Colombian notary, through a Judgment by Family Judge, or through a conciliation act (Domestic Partnership Document) with specialist lawyers.

passport on its side

Typically you will need documents similar to those required for a Civil Marriage, including apostilled and translated documents from abroad; However, at, we can offer you a faster, cheaper and easier service through specialized lawyers. With our Domestic Partnership Service, you will only need the identification documents (passport of the foreign person and ID of the Colombian person). No foreign document will be necessary.


The Domestic Partnership Document is different from the simple Extra-procedural Statements (Declaraciones Extraproceso) that can be obtained from a notary. To be a valid document, it must include at least the following statements: