Tourism Stamp Extension


What is the Tourism Stamp Extension??

The tourism extension or the tourist stamp extension is the extension of the time granted by the immigration authority when entering the country and stamping your passport. Normally, Migración Colombia authorizes a stay in Colombia of 90 days, which can be extended for an additional 90 days for 180 days of tourism allowed per calendar year.


Tourism Stamp Extension

What documents are required to request the Tourism Stamp Extension?


Copy the passport's main page, showing the 4 corners of the passport.

Last entry stamp registered in the passport

Copy of the last entry stamp registered in the passport, where the 4 corners of the passport can be seen.

Days of tourism in force.

To have 10 calendar days of tourism in force.

Copy of the birth certificate

For minors, provide a copy of the birth certificate and one of the parent's passport copy

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FAQs about the Tourism Stamp Extension

Can you bank the days of each year?

No, the remaining days from previous years cannot be accumulated:

For instance, If you spent 30 days in your last entry and of those 20 days were from last year and 10 days from the current one, this year you have 170 days left, and now, if you only used 30 days from last year, those days cannot be accumulated.

Can I stay continuously for the 180 days I am entitled to as a foreigner without leaving the country?

No, although you are entitled to 180 days per year, at the time of entry, you are given a maximum of 90 days on your stamp. If you wish to use your 90 extra days, you must leave the country and re-enter or request a tourism extension before Migración Colombia.

Can I leave the country after the issuance of my tourism extension?

Yes, but your tourism extension will lose validity when you leave the country. Therefore, once you re-enter the country, your new passport stamp will note the days you can be here.

I have already filled out the form, but I still need to get the option to make the payment; what do I do?

Since this application can be approved or rejected, you’ll have to wait 3 to 5 business days while Migración Colombia evaluates your application. If pre-approved, you will receive a link to pay for the process; the cost is 125,000 Colombian pesos.

How can I check the status of my application?

You can check the status of your application at the following link.

You will need the application number and password sent to your email after completing the form.

Do I have to go to the immigration office to get a new stamp, or how do I show that my application was approved?

There is no need to get a new stamp in your passport, as the PDF you receive in your email is valid to show your tourism extension.

How much do I have to pay to Migración Colombia for this procedure?

The amount depends on the nationality:

  • Ecuadorians: No cost.
  • Nationals of the Schengen area: No cost.
  • For other cases: 125,000 Colombian pesos.
Is it necessary to have a ticket exit from the country?

The exit ticket from Colombia is a mandatory requirement to request the tourist stamp extension.

If I leave the country, do I also need to apply for an extension?

If you decide to leave the country, you do not need to apply for a tourism extension. When you re-enter the country, Migración will stamp your passport with the new number of days allowed to stay here.

What documents are required to request a tourism extension? Do I have to buy my return tickets?

When filling out the form, you must attach a pdf with a clear image of the main page of your passport, a photo of your last stamp where you can see the four corners of the passport page and proof of your return tickets. Therefore, evidence of the ticket out of the country is required.

Do minors also have to apply for an extension, or would a parent's or mentor's application be sufficient?

Minors must make their applications individually. Also, keep in mind that in addition to the passport, the photo of the stamp and the tickets, the minor’s birth certificate, and the passport image of the person in charge are required.

How many times can I apply for a tourism extension?

You can request a tourism extension once a year.

Can I apply for an extension after my seal expiration date?

No, you must request the extension before the expiration date of the stamp. The recommendation is to start the process at least 10 calendar days before.

If you request it later, it will not be processed, and you will be in an irregular situation, which may result in fines for each day of irregularity.