Visa M-Type Business


What is the Visa M-Type Business?

This is a Colombian visa for foreigners who have incorporated a company or have acquired a share in the capital stock of a commercial company in operation. 

This visa allows accumulating time for the Resident Visa.


passport on its side

Certificate of investment foreign

Certification issued by the Banco de la República, which is one of the ways to obtain a visa or Colombian residency depending on the amount of investment.

Foreign investment in Colombia is considered foreign capital investment in Colombian territory, including Colombian free zones, by non-residents in Colombia.

Validity and restrictions


Maximum 3 years


This visa will have a work permit exclusively applicable to the company of which he/she is a partner, shareholder or owner.



What are the costs of the Visa M-Type Business?

Visa Application

55 USD

Form F4

200 USD

Company creation

1590 USD

Certificate from Banco de la República

120 USD

Visa issuance

271 USD

Cédula de extranjería

50 USD aprox

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