⚠️ Migración Colombia: No appointments for Cédula de Extranjería

Migración Colombia is the only entity authorized to process the Cédula de Extranjería. This procedure requires prior scheduling and following a protocol established by the Colombian government. However, given there are no appointments for Cédula de Extranjería available during the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, the expat community in the country needs to evaluate alternatives that allow them to finally obtain their ID cards to facilitate the completion of legal procedures and travel, among others.

colombian retirement visa

Retirement Visa in Colombia: How to get it, costs and more – 2024 Update

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Resolución 5477, which updates the regulations and procedures for the different types of Colombian visas. Therefore, as of October 2022, these changes will come into effect. See below the new requirements if you want to apply for your Retirement visa.


5 Examples of Profitable Businesses in Colombia

Colombia is quickly becoming a top spot for foreign investment in Latin America as urban infrastructure, technology, and language proficiency improve. This has prompted more expats to consider starting a business in Colombia. As a result, we have identified the top five businesses in Colombia that foreign nationals can invest in and explained why they offer such promising business opportunities. Let’s start with the most prominent and fastest-growing sector in Colombia.

how to obtain a colombian visa with assist card health insurance

How to Obtain a Colombian Visa with Assist Card Health Insurance

Find out how to obtain your Colombian visa complying with the requirements of Resolution 5477 with Assist Card’s health insurance. From selecting the right visa category to navigating the application process, our guide unveils the steps to secure your visa effortlessly. Explore our article for invaluable insights, ensuring your journey to Colombia is memorable and stress-free.

colombian marriage visa

Marriage Visa in Colombia: How to get it, costs, and more – 2024 Update

With over 10 years of experience as visa agents, we have realized that the Marriage Visa is one of the main queries we receive through our communication channels. As time passes, more and more foreigners decide to reside in Colombia because here they found love.

We enjoy listening to our clients and learn more about their reasons to get engaged here, most agree, that they find beauty, intelligence, understanding, happiness, and harmony in their Colombian partner to think about long-term relationships

What changes does Resolution 5477 bring for the marriage visa?
How to get married in Colombia?
Are same-sex unions legal in Colombia?
How can assets be protected before getting married in Colombia?
What happens if we already got married abroad?
What are the documents required for the Colombian Marriage Visa?
Is an interview necessary to obtain a Colombian Marriage Visa?
How long does it take to get a marriage visa in Colombia?
Why choose us as your specialized visa agency?

Marrying a Colombian

Marrying a Colombian: 4 Customs to Be Aware of

A Colombian marriage is usually met with fanfare and celebration. As a country full of passion and life, Colombia’s people are as romantic as they are fiery when it comes to their life partners.

If you’re a foreigner marrying a Colombian, the exchange of culture and tradition should be a thing of joy. But this doesn’t mean that it’s without its challenges.

When you’re in a relationship with someone, you’ll likely learn most of their habits, likes and dislikes before you’ve got down on one knee. However, it’s easy to miss some different cultural characteristics, especially if there’s a language barrier at play.

With this in mind, we’re going to explore some Colombian customs – wonderful or otherwise – to know about before you’ve reached the wedding day.

Remote work in Colombia Everything you need to know

Remote work in Colombia: Everything you need to know

Remote work as a foreigner in Colombia is possible thanks to the digital nomad visa. Find out the budget, health policy, ideal city, places to work from, and best platforms to work 100% virtual. In addition, we will give you a list of recommendations that we consider essential to plan your stay in Colombia and make your remote work more pleasant and effective.

Continental Assist in expatgroup.co

Continental Assist: Travel Health Insurance for Foreigners

During an international adventure, achieving peace of mind is essential for well-being. Travel health insurance has become a vital resource for dealing with the unexpected. Knowing the must-have characteristics can be helpful when deciding which assistance policy to purchase. Many countries may require travelers to have a wide travel health insurance policy to process short or long-stay visas that cover a vast range of eventualities. Regarding Colombia, it’s a mandatory requirement for foreigners’ most requested entry and stay permits. Continental Assist stands out from many other insurers by offering specific plans to meet visa requirements and make applications effective. Ensuring our health should be crucial when embarking on new endeavors, and Continental Assist’s services prioritize the safety and well-being of travelers.

tax return for foreigners in shopping invoices in Colombia

VAT or IVA Tax Return for foreigners in Colombia

Colombia has emerged as a great tourist destination, and foreigners visiting the country as tourists can benefit from the tax return of the Impuesto al Valor Agregado (IVA) or Value Added Tax (VAT), according to Resolution 1495 of 2021. In expatgroup.co, we provide an updated guide in 2023 about who is eligible and how to request this tax refund. To qualify, foreign tourists must possess a valid tourist permit or a Tourist Visa (V-Type) and collect other required documents. Qualifying purchases of goods must amount to COP 127,236 or more. While there are limitations and requirements, this process significantly benefits international visitors exploring Colombia.


Taxes for foreigners in Colombia

Living in another country is a life-changing decision, so there are essential aspects to consider, such as culture, climate, language, health system, etc. But, there are also regulatory and legal aspects, such as legal stay and foreign taxes.

If you choose Colombia as your destination, make sure you comply with the current immigration and tax regulations.

1. When am I considered a tax resident in Colombia?
2. What taxes must I pay if I am a foreigner in Colombia?
3. What taxes do I have to pay if I am a foreigner, NOT a resident of Colombia?
4. When do I not have to file an income tax return?
5. Double taxation treaties
6. What is the difference between paying and declaring income?
7. What happens if I do not file an income tax return when I am obliged to do so?
8. New wealth tax