colombian visa covid-19 changes

New regulations for visas are announced by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Due to the Health Emergency declared by the Ministry of Health because of COVID-19, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the Resolution 1296 of April 21, 2020, to reassure many foreigners through changes in some Colombian visa rules and provisional measures that will govern until the end of the Health Emergency.

Resolución 1296 del 21 de abril de 2020
Resolution 1296 of April 21, 2020, By

What will happen to people who are outside of Colombia?

If you have a valid Colombian visa, the early termination of visas is suspended for being outside the national territory.

That is, if you have a valid M or R category visa, from the issuance of this Resolution, the count of the days you are passing outside of Colombia is suspended. In this way, you will not accumulate 180 days abroad and will lose your visa in advance according to the usual government regulations for M type visas, or two years if it is in the specific case of R type visas. This provisional exception measure will continue until the end of the Health Emergency.

If you do not have a valid Colombian visa, can you apply for a visa now through a consulate outside Colombia?

No. The process of visa application for foreigners outside Colombia is suspended. Colombian consulates abroad cannot accept visa applications until the health emergency has been overcome.

If I am in Colombia now, can I apply for a visa?

The answer is yes. If you are currently on a legal stay in Colombia, you can apply for a visa according to your activity or situation in the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to work remotely and electronically.

However, Keep in mind this! If you are a visitor visa holder, you can apply for the same kind of visa before it expires. You will not be able to change the category while in Colombia.

Due to current circumstances, there are some complications in visa processes. So if you want to minimize the risks, increase your chances of success, and have professional assistance during the whole process of your Colombian visa, you can contact us now. You will talk with an expert or to quickly quote your process and you will receive the requirements and costs in 2 minutes by e-mail.

What happens after Colombian visa approval?

If your visa is approved, the electronic visa will be enough to demonstrate your legal permanence and to advance your registration in the Foreign Registry. The visa stamping process can be done when the health emergency ends. And for sure, we can assist you when that happens so you don’t have to travel to Bogotá!


These provisional rules will apply until the end of the Health Emergency, that is, until May 30, 2020. However, if the emergency ends earlier or extends, please note that these measures will be adapted to cover the total of the Health Emergency.

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