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Nicolas and Alexis Founders of Pokawa Colombia

In we love bright and enterprising minds. We have always thought that youth combined with an adventurous spirit, is the perfect mix to crystallize great ideas and projects. That is why we focus on attracting entrepreneurs from all corners of the world to invest in Colombia and boost the market.

The turn was this time for Alexis and Nicolás , two french guys who decided to bring their business idea to Medellin after having fallen in love with the city, its climate and its people.

“We came here to Medellin because two years ago we were traveling through South America and fell in love with this city that seems wonderful, we liked its people, climate, environment and wanted to live the Colombian adventure.”

When the guys told us about their idea, we connected with the purpose of helping them to realize that dream called: POKAWA COLOMBIA . A restaurant with a hawaiian wave that bets on a fresh, fun and completely healthy diet.

But where does the idea of POKAWA come from?

Pokawa was born after a trip that Alexis and Nicolás made with a group of friends to Hawaii. Traveling was definitely a source of inspiration, because in the Hawaiian Islands, these two French were surprised with the traditional POKES: healthy dishes that originally mix protein, vegetables and fresh fruits on a rice base. This is how, unable to resist the temptation to replicate this idea in France, on July 1st 2017 they opened the first restaurant of the 15 establishments that they have today. AND NOW THE BET IS IN THE CITY OF THE ETERNAL SPRING.

Grand opening of Pokawa Colombia!

And the expected day arrived. The celebration of the arrival of Pokawa to Medellin. The guys say they want to stay forever and we believe them.

The concept of SHARING A FOOD is rated as one of the best experiences. Why not try to SHARE a POKE? Today on a great day to do it, we are in Jardín Latino (Carrera 43D # 10-77 El Poblado) with Alex and Nico on this special day for POKAWA.

It is special for them, but also for us. It makes us very happy to share success stories like this, which become a reference for foreigners who are thinking about where to start. So today we tell you with total conviction: the answer is Colombia and here we are to help you in the entire immigration, legal and business process.

How did we help Pokawa?

From, we were in charge of legally creating the POKAWA brand in Colombia. We accompanied the boys throughout the process of management, capital injection, business structuring and obtaining their Colombian M-type visas (Partner / Owner) of entrepreneurs.

What was the hardest part?

We know that one of the most difficult decisions is to bring foreign investment to Colombia without first having a guaranteed visa and a legal immigration status. However, we have the experience to carry out the process successfully.

For us it is very important to be clear and explaining very well each phase of the process to minimize the risks and the anxiety of the foreigners and strengthen a bond of trust from the beginning to the end of the management.

It is a structured process that takes about 2 months to carry out the complete chain safely:

For example, the guys from POKAWA COLOMBIA, , brought an investment of approximately 180 million COP to the country, and our team made sure to perform the step by step taking care of every detail in the timeline to have everything in order and based on current regulations of the Colombian government. This was the basis for these entrepreneurs today to have their M-type visas (Partner / Owner) and their immigration ID in Colombia. They are almost “paisas” too!

So, if you are thinking about starting your business in Colombia, we invite you to contact us and become one of the success stories of

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