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With over 10 years of experience helping expats get Colombian visas, we’re well aware of how popular the Colombian marriage visa is.

We enjoy listening to our clients and learning more about their reasons to get engaged here, most agree, that they find beauty, intelligence, understanding, happiness, and harmony in their Colombian partner to think about long-term relationships.

Also, this becomes a way to access a stay visa in the country to enjoy the Colombian paradise.

What changes does Resolution 5477 bring for the marriage visa?

On October 21, 2022, a new Resolution 5477 came into force regarding Colombian visas. For the case of the marriage visa, it brings the following changes:

New Permanent Partner Visa

A new Permanent Partner visa is created for those unions through Domestic Partnership.

New validity period for Visas

The maximum duration of the permanent partner visa or marriage visa with Domestic Partnership is for one year. 

New application waiting time

The Domestic Partnership  must have been signed for at least one year to apply for the visa.

How to get married in Colombia?

To have the possibility of applying for a Marriage Visa in Colombia is very important to know the legal regulations regarding the types of unions that are valid for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will do a little review below:

Civil Marriage

Civil Marriage is a contract between two people, and therefore, must be carried out before a judge or notary. It is a formal union that recognizes a couple as married by civil authorities and gives them the rights and duties of a marital union.

The requirements for a civil marriage are:

After submitting the documents to the notary, you must wait 5 days for the application to be approved and they will schedule a date for your marriage celebration.

All requirements and procedures can be verified through the notaries. The recommendation is that you contact the notary first because, in fact, there are some notaries that are not authorized to carry out procedures that involve foreigners. Here you can find the Directory of Notaries in Colombia.

Civil Marriage has a notary cost of less than $200,000 COP (which would be around USD $45 approximately). You can find updated information about the process and notary prices for the year 2024 in Resolution 00773

Religious Marriage

If you want to do a religious ceremony, the documents to present are:

For a Religious Marriage, the prices and time will depend on the church you choose. You can research the different churches in Colombia for more information and choose one of them here.

However, you must keep in mind that in order for the marriage to be valid, it will also have to be registered through a notary.

Domestic Partnership – Common-Law Marriage

Another type of valid union in Colombia for the Marriage Visa application is the Domestic Partnership or Common-Law Marriage, which is commonly known in Colombia as a “Unión Marital de Hecho” o “Unión Libre”. This type of union is regulated in Colombia through LAW 54 OF 1990.

What is special about this union is that the couple lives together under the same roof. The idea is that this coexistence has more than two years to be legalized. But remember that due to Resolution 5477, it is only possible to apply for the permanent partner visa when the Common Law Marital Union has been signed for more than one year, otherwise, the application will be denied.

The coexistence between two people can then be legalized in three ways: through a public deed in a Colombian notary, through a Judgment by Family Judge, or through a conciliation act with specialist lawyers.

Typically you will need documents similar to those required for a Civil Marriage, including apostilled and translated documents from abroad; However, at, we can offer you a faster, cheaper, and easier service through specialized lawyers. With our service, you will only need the identification documents (passport of the foreign person and ID of the Colombian person). No foreign document will be necessary.


The Domestic Partnership Document is different from the simple Extra-procedural Statements (Declaraciones Extraproceso) that can be obtained from a notary. To be a valid document, it must include at least the following statements:


The Domestic Partnership

is recognized for grant the MType Marriage Visas by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Quote Domestic Partnership with

¿Are you planning to get married in Colombia?

If you want to get married to your partner from Colombia and need help with the M-type Marriage Visa or the Domestic Partnership Visa application process? has assisted many individuals in navigating this process smoothly. We can provide you with the necessary support. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more.

Visa M Marriage

Are same-sex unions legal in Colombia?

Yes. Colombia allows same-sex unions. Homosexual couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples in Colombia, and can also apply for a Marriage Visa. Our Domestic Partnership service is also for homosexual couples and the requirements are the same.

How can assets be protected before getting married in Colombia?

In Colombia, normally when a couple marries, from that moment, the properties, assets, and liabilities become shared, this means, everything will be divided 50/50.

However, if the couple wants to make a prenuptial agreement about the assets before they get married, this is allowed. The name by which this type of agreement is known in Colombia is “Capitulaciones Matrimoniales” or Marital Capitulations.

Capitulations are regulated in Colombia by the Civil Code, under Title XXII, from article 1771.

This process must be carried out by a specialized lawyer who prepares the agreement based on the specifications required by both spouses, and which includes clauses to protect the assets in the event of future claims.

What happens if we already got married abroad?

Marriage certificates issued abroad can be registered in Colombia in order to apply for a Marriage Visa. This applies to both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples in which one person is Colombian.

In this way, marriage will be legally recognized in both countries. It is not recommended to get married again in Colombia because, in legal terms, the correct process is to register the original marriage in Colombia.

How can I legalize a foreign marriage in Colombia?

The process of registering a foreign marriage can be carried out through consulates, notaries, or national registries. You can know the location of these authorities abroad and in Colombia through the following link: DIRECTORY.

However, if you are in Colombia, at we can also assist you so that your foreign marriage will be recognized in Colombia under all legal regulations. This is a procedure that can take about a week. If you want more information, contact us!

What are the documents required for the Colombian Marriage Visa?

In addition to the true and updated copy of the Colombian Marriage Certificate, or one of the valid certificates explained above, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will require the following documents:

It is important to keep in mind that the Colombian government may require additional documents within the process, before giving a final approval response regarding the visa application. Some examples are:

Is an interview necessary to obtain a Colombian Marriage Visa?

The Colombian government may request an interview in any case that they think is necessary. However, interviews are more recurring in the Marriage Visa process. There are a few factors that can make an interview request by the government more likely:

Relationship time

When the relationship is less than 2 years old, the government is more likely to request an interview.

Age Differences

When there is a difference of more than 5 years of age, it is another factor of incidence.

Demonstrable Coexistence Time

When it isn't possible to demonstrate that you have traveled together, that you have lived in the same place for a long time, and that you have common interests.

The interview may be together or separately to compare the responses. Some examples of typical questions could be the following to demonstrate that it is a real relationship:

  • Where and when did you meet?
  • What trips have you planned and taken together?
  • Special and birthday dates.
  • Questions to find out information about both families.
  • How is the place where you live together? Describe some characteristics of the space.
  • Questions about the couple’s scars, tattoos, or special tastes.
  • What side of the bed does your partner sleep on?
  • Last activities that you did together.

How long does it take to get a marriage visa in Colombia?

In addition to the time necessary to marry in Colombia as explained above, when you have all the necessary documents to start the application, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can take around 30 days days to study your request. If there are no additional requirements and everything is correct, the visa will be approved! 

Then you can request the cédula de extranjería. With the cédula de extranjería you can access the health system, open bank accounts, obtain a driver’s license, among other benefits. In addition, you can carry out any legal activity in the country. You can work under any type of contract, be a freelance worker, start your own company, study, do business, etc.

You can leave and enter Colombia without any problem, but to keep the visa valid you mustn’t stay outside of Colombia for more than 6 months in the same departure. The Marriage Visa could be issued from a year up to three years and you will always have the possibility to renew it. When you accumulate three continuous years with this kind of visa, you can finally become a permanent resident.

Costs, Validity and Beneficiaries

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Assistance with the visa registration with Migración Colombia and application to obtain your “cédula de extranjería” (foreigner ID card).

Do you want to get the step-by-step guide to apply for your Cédula de Extranjería?

At, we know that it is essential to have everything in order so that you can access all the benefits as a foreigner in Colombia. Therefore, we invite you to fill in your information to obtain the step-by-step guide to apply for your Cédula de Extranjería.

The step-by-step guide to apply for your Cédula de Extranjería

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