colombian retirement visa

Retirement Visa in Colombia: How to get it, costs and more – 2024 Update

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Resolución 5477, which updates the regulations and procedures for the different types of Colombian visas. Therefore, as of October 2022, these changes will come into effect. See below the new requirements if you want to apply for your Retirement visa.

The 7 best businesses to invest in Colombia in 2024

The seven best businesses to invest in Colombia in 2024

Colombia, a country in constant growth, offers foreigners a destination for relaxation or adventure and an attractive offer in various sectors for investment. With different business ecosystems, attractive tax incentives, and continuous economic development, Colombia is an ideal destination for investing and doing business. In addition, qualified companies can assist expatriates in setting up businesses or advise on investments in Colombia, further highlighting why Colombia is an excellent investment destination.

Colombian digital nomad visas approved

Colombian Digital Nomad Visas approved – 2024 Update

We have had the privilege of having several successful cases so far, of different nationalities, with different professional roles, but with processes carried out by our team with satisfactory results.

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What are the costs of the Digital Nomad Visa?

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Colombian Tax ID - TIN How to Obtain the RUT as a Foreigner

Colombian Tax ID – TIN: How to Obtain the RUT as a Foreigner

This blog covers everything about the Single Tax Registration RUT for individuals in Colombia, which is available for foreigners who wish to start their economic activities in this Latin American country. You will get essential information to navigate the Colombian tax system, from understanding the RUT to knowing every detail of the form and the DIAN’s virtual and in-person registration processes.


⚠️ Migración Colombia: No appointments for Cédula de Extranjería

Migración Colombia is the only entity authorized to process the Cédula de Extranjería. This procedure requires prior scheduling and following a protocol established by the Colombian government. However, given there are no appointments for Cédula de Extranjería available during the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, the expat community in the country needs to evaluate alternatives that allow them to finally obtain their ID cards to facilitate the completion of legal procedures and travel, among others.


Cédula de extranjería: Step by step guide

In expatgroup.co we provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide to obtain your Cédula de Extranjería in Colombia. From the validation of your visa to the submission of essential documents, we accompany you throughout the process to meet all legal requirements and you can get the inherent benefits that comes with having this identification document.

Continental Assist in expatgroup.co

Continental Assist: Travel Health Insurance for Foreigners

During an international adventure, achieving peace of mind is essential for well-being. Travel health insurance has become a vital resource for dealing with the unexpected. Knowing the must-have characteristics can be helpful when deciding which assistance policy to purchase. Many countries may require travelers to have a wide travel health insurance policy to process short or long-stay visas that cover a vast range of eventualities. Regarding Colombia, it’s a mandatory requirement for foreigners’ most requested entry and stay permits. Continental Assist stands out from many other insurers by offering specific plans to meet visa requirements and make applications effective. Ensuring our health should be crucial when embarking on new endeavors, and Continental Assist’s services prioritize the safety and well-being of travelers.