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At this crisis time, in which everyone has a great concern for HEALTH, the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores has activated a new requirement for visa applications. This requirement corresponds to the certification of HEALTH INSURANCE with international coverage.

Minimum coverage for each type of visa:
Visitor Visa V Type: 35.000 USD o Euros
Migrant Visa M Type: 60.000 USD o Euros
Resident Visa R Type: 100.000 USD o Euros

According to your specific needs, age, coverage, and duration of the health insurance you choose, the cost of the health insurance may range from approximately $ 100 USD to $ 1,000 USD.

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We know the case of hundreds of foreigners who are currently in Colombia, cannot leave the country due to the current state of emergency, they are going to end their permitted days of tourism and do not know what to do. Maybe they don’t know how to make a successful Colombian visa application.

Does this sound familiar? Are you in a similar situation?

At what gives us life is being able to provide solutions to foreigners who want to have a legal stay in the country. Therefore, although the situation is difficult for everyone, our team has not stopped working to resolve their concerns, provide assistance and help them avoid immigration irregularities and economic sanctions.

Right now, the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores continues accepting Colombian visa application. Then you can see the official statement that this entity has on its website.


Colombian Visa Changes: What’s Changed During COVID-19?

As of now, 4.4 million people have been affected by the virus worldwide, with over 13,000 confirmed cases in Colombia. While the primary concern is for the wellbeing of those who are suffering from COVID-19 – particularly the most vulnerable like the elderly – the virus has also affected people’s ability to travel.

Given that Colombia is in a state of perpetual quarantine extension, it’s complicated to give definitive answers to people either stuck inside the country, applying for a visa, or trying to reenter.

Nevertheless, people need to know what their legal status is, how to act should the situation change, and if they can make plans regarding entering, exiting, or staying in Colombia.

For this reason, we’ve taken a look at the latest Colombian visa changes during the coronavirus pandemic, and how these changes affect expats and Colombians alike.

colombian work visa 2020

How to Get a Colombian Work Visa 2020

While the process of applying for a Colombian work visa hasn’t changed much since last year, the requirements for a successful application have become more stringent. This is due to required supplementary documentation that proves the legitimacy of an applicant’s educational background.

Furthermore, the new Colombian work visa requirements have been complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a statement issued by Colombian president Iván Duque on May 5th, Colombia’s national quarantine would be extended until at least May 25th, meaning the government’s immigration department migración would remain closed.

However, foreign nationals who are inside Colombia can still apply for the M-5 work visa. In addition, there are a number of quality visa agencies who can guide you through a successful Colombian work visa application.
We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to get a work visa in Colombia for expats in 2020.

colombian retirement visa

Retirement Visa in Colombia: How to get it, costs and more

The M type – Retirement Visa is one of Colombia’s most special and recurring visas. Probably, based on statistics-wise, most applications are for American citizens; Because of, Colombia has become an increasingly great place to spend your retirement years.

Obtaining a retirement visa in Colombia will allow you to enjoy a magical paradise at a low cost.

The retirement visa is one of the easiest and fastest visas to process. It takes about one month to have your visa stamped in your passport and your Colombian ID card for foreigners (Cédula de Extranjería).

colombian visa covid-19 changes

Changes in some Colombian visa rules due to COVID-19

New regulations for visas are announced by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Due to the Health Emergency declared by the Ministry of Health because of COVID-19, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the Resolution 1296 of April 21, 2020, to reassure many foreigners through changes in some Colombian visa rules and provisional measures that will govern until the end of the Health Emergency.