How To Send Money To Colombia: 4 Solutions for Expats

We’ve spoken to our financial experts to find out every way to send money to Colombia.

Whether you’re buying a Colombian property, investing in a Colombian business or wiring yourself some personal savings, the need to transfer money to Colombia is as important as it is tricky for many expats.

So with that in mind, here’s our comprehensive guide on how to send money to Colombia as an expat.

colombian visa application

Successfully Complete Your Colombian Visa Application With Expat Group

At Expat Group, we’ve already helped over 1,100 foreigners successfully apply for their Colombian visas. Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve continued to consistently gain M-type, R-type and V-type visas for expats like yourself.

If you’re struggling with your visa application, or have had some unforeseen complications with it, book an appointment with us today to speak to one of our visa specialists.

Currently, the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores continues to accept Colombian visa applications, and we’re continuing to see positive outcomes for our clients.

Colombian Visa Requirements during coronavirus

Colombian Visa Changes: What’s Changed During COVID-19?

As of now, 4.4 million people have been affected by the virus worldwide, with over 13,000 confirmed cases in Colombia. While the primary concern is for the wellbeing of those who are suffering from COVID-19 – particularly the most vulnerable like the elderly – the virus has also affected people’s ability to travel.

Given that Colombia is in a state of perpetual quarantine extension, it’s complicated to give definitive answers to people either stuck inside the country, applying for a visa, or trying to reenter.

Nevertheless, people need to know what their legal status is, how to act should the situation change, and if they can make plans regarding entering, exiting, or staying in Colombia.

For this reason, we’ve taken a look at the latest Colombian visa changes during the coronavirus pandemic, and how these changes affect expats and Colombians alike.


How to Get Colombian Citizenship By Marriage

Many of our clients are constantly asking us about becoming a Colombian citizen by marrying their Colombian partner.

The process is fairly straightforward, yet there are some key steps that you need to take to successfully gain citizenship.

With this in mind, we’ve laid out our comprehensive guide on how to get Colombian citizenship by marriage.


Statistics and changes in the Colombian visa application during 2020

2020 has been a year of challenges and changes. With regard to the Foreign Ministry and the process of obtaining Colombian visas, we have visualized numerous adjustments in the requirements, processing times and final responses from the government.

According to the statistics charted and published on the ‘Asuntos Legales’ web site, which are supported by the figures provided by the Foreign Ministry, between January and October 2020, more than 42 thousand visa applications were made, of which , more than half were required due to missing documentation. In addition, 13.7% of the requests were inadmissible and 1.7% were denied, which is a high figure compared to previous years.

visa denials


Since the State of Emergency began in Colombia due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has gradually increased the severity in the visa applications review. In fact, in recent weeks we have seen several cases of VISA DENIALS, in which the government rejects the application and restricts the foreigner submitting a new application for the six (6) following months after the date of the denial.

Given the above, and thinking of all our clients, our legal team specialized in Immigration Law, filed a protective action against the Foreign Ministry to deepen the situation and know first-hand what is happening regarding Colombian visa applications.

colombian health insurance


At this crisis time, in which everyone has a great concern for HEALTH, the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores has activated a new requirement for visa applications. This requirement corresponds to the certification of HEALTH INSURANCE with international coverage.

Minimum coverage for each type of visa:
Visitor Visa V Type: 35.000 USD o Euros
Migrant Visa M Type: 60.000 USD o Euros
Resident Visa R Type: 100.000 USD o Euros

According to your specific needs, age, coverage, and duration of the health insurance you choose, the cost of the health insurance may range from approximately $ 100 USD to $ 1,000 USD.


How to contribute to social security in Colombia if you are a foreigner?

If you are a foreigner, but you reside in Colombia and you have a Cédula de Extranjería, it is important you keep in mind that under Law 100, Decree 064 of 20-01-2020, you are legally responsible for contributing to social security in Colombia through the contributory system.

What is the IBC?
It is the minimum value on which the value of the contributions to the General System of Social Security (SGSS) must be calculated.