Step-by-step to get Health Insurance with expatgroup

ASSIST CARD: Health insurance for visas in Colombia

If you are interested in buying health insurance, either comply with the new requirement of Resolution 5477 to apply for your Colombian visa or have your health assured while traveling. We recommend the various plans that Assist Card has for you.

Below we explain the step-by-step process to get your Health Insurance with Assist Card


Taxes for foreigners in Colombia

Living in another country is a life-changing decision, so there are essential aspects to consider, such as culture, climate, language, health system, etc. But, there are also regulatory and legal aspects, such as legal stay and foreign taxes.

If you choose Colombia as your destination, make sure you comply with the current immigration and tax regulations.

1. When am I considered a tax resident in Colombia?
2. What taxes must I pay if I am a foreigner in Colombia?
3. What taxes do I have to pay if I am a foreigner, NOT a resident of Colombia?
4. When do I not have to file an income tax return?
5. Double taxation treaties
6. What is the difference between paying and declaring income?
7. What happens if I do not file an income tax return when I am obliged to do so?
8. New wealth tax

Colombian digital nomad visas approved

Colombian Digital Nomad Visas approved

What may have started as a rumor or as something not so plausible in the expatriate community is now a reality, the Colombian visa for digital nomads is already enabled, and better yet, they are already being approved.

We have had the privilege of having several successful cases so far, of different nationalities, with different professional roles, but with processes carried out by our team with satisfactory results

Expat Story

Expat Story: Yunisbel Pazos, CEO Smartness Business

At expatgroup.co, we are a committed team, not only professionally because we fulfill our philosophy of changing lives, and we do it with the details, with our specialized, close and human advice. We are happy to know that we contribute to making the dreams of foreigners come true; dreams of studying, doing business, investing, retiring, or living in Colombia.

Yunisbel visited us in our office and shared some opinions about Colombia, his Colombian visa process, and his Smartness Business project.



Usually, when we travel or even more when we plan to live in another country, we think about everything: tickets, lodging, plans, and places to visit, but have you thought about how important it is to ensure your health? It is advisable to have a health insurance policy, not only to comply with the requirements of the Colombian government but also because our health and welfare should always be a priority, especially if we are in a foreign country

What is a Health Insurance Policy?

Why is it essential to have a health insurance policy in Colombia?

Why is it mandatory to have a Health Insurance Policy for the Colombian visa application?

What happens to foreigners who already live in Colombia and have EPS?

Can a foreigner with a type M Retirement visa be affiliated with the EPS?

Get your health policy in Colombia
Assist card

how to get the FBI background check


On July 22, 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Resolution 5477, establishing some changes regarding Colombian visas. Among these changes, new requirements are added, such as the certificate of criminal, criminal, or police record of the country of origin and/or residence.

This blog shows you step-by-step how to apply for the FBI criminal record.

colombian retirement visa

Retirement Visa in Colombia: How to get it, costs and more – 2023 Update

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Resolución 5477, which updates the regulations and procedures for the different types of Colombian visas. Therefore, as of October 2022, these changes will come into effect. See below the new requirements if you want to apply for your Retirement visa.

• What does ‘International Living’ say about Colombia?
• Medellín is one of the best cities to retire in Colombia
• Why get a Colombian retirement visa?
• What are the new requirements according to Resolución 5477 to apply for the Retirement visa?
• How long does it take to get a retirement visa approved in Colombia?
• Does the Retirement visa allow to have beneficiaries?
• Costs, Validity and Restrictions
• Apply for your Retirement visa with expatgroup



In order to begin the transition to the new visa resolution, Resolution 5477 of 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has just notified that Colombian visa applications will be frozen.

When will Colombian visa applications be frozen?

Below we explain the dates you should keep an eye in the processing of Colombian visas to understand the transition to the new resolution that is already beginning:

Friday, September 16, 2022:

The maximum term to apply for visas M and V Student, M Religious, M Retirement / Rentista, M Marriage / Domestic Partnership, R Parent of Colombian Citizen, and R Foreign Direct Investment.

Friday, September 30, 2022:

The maximum term to apply for other visa types.

From September 30 to October 21:

ALL visa applications will be frozen. The government platform will be disabled for the registration of visa applications.

As of October 21:

In principle, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs system will be re-enabled for the application of any type of visa, including new visas and visas that have changed their category based on resolution 5477 of 2022.

digital nomad visa

New Colombian visa: Digital Nomad

On July 22, 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Resolución 5477 with changes in the legislation of Colombian visas, among the changes include new visas such as the long-awaited by expats who want to work remotely from Colombia: Digital Nomad.

Who can apply for the digital nomad visa?

What are the requirements to apply for the digital nomad visa?

Which health policy is accepted by the government for the digital nomad visa?

What is the difference with the Freelance visa?

Costs, Validity and Restrictions