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In Colombia’s migration context, the Migratory Movements Certificate has become an essential document that records and validates citizens’ movements and migratory events. At, we are here to guide you through this process. Therefore, this article provides a concise step-by-step guide to requesting the Migratory Movements Certificate in Colombia. We will explore the requirements, the necessary steps, and other aspects to consider when obtaining this document. You will find all the required information to complete the process without complications.

What are the requirements to apply for the Migratory Movements Certificate?

Legal age and ownership

The applicant must be of legal age and the holder of the migratory movements. For non-holders, they must demonstrate a first-degree civil affinity relationship.

Documents for Colombians

The applicant must have a Colombian Cédula, Identity Card, Birth Certificate, or Passport.

Documents for foreigners

The applicant must have the Foreigner ID card, Passport, or National Identity Document used to enter the country.

During the online process, Colombian citizens and foreigners must validate their identity virtually by providing clear and legible documentation. If this online verification cannot be successful, we recommend that you complete the process in person at the nearest Migratory Services Facilitation Center.

Single Procedures Form

The applicant must fill out the Single Procedures Form (Formulario Único de Trámites) on Migración Colombia's website and provide an available email address. They will send official communications related to the migratory movement process through this email.

Paying the Certificate

The certificate costs 81,000 Colombian pesos (approximately 20 USD, with a TRM reference of 4,000 COP/USD), and you must pay online through PSE or with a credit card.

The online migratory movements will contain the record of entries and exits from the last five (5) years, starting from the payment date of the processing fees. If you require information for a period that exceeds five (5) years, you must meet the application at your nearest Migratory Services Facilitation Center.

How to request Migratory Movements online?

As the first step, you should complete the Migración Colombia’s Single Procedures Form, known as the «FUT» (Formulario Único de Trámites). This form is an essential step for requesting the Migratory Movements Certificate. The «FUT» simplifies and speeds up the process by collecting crucial information, enabling a more efficient document issuance.

Step-by-step guide to filling out the migratory movements' application form

After accessing the previous link, you will be redirected to Migración Colombia’s website, where you should click on the button «Continue.»

form migratory movements migracion colombia

Choose your language and select «Certificado de Movimiento Migratorio» (Migratory Movement Certificate). You have to choose the nearest Migratory Services Facilitation Center to your residence and the form will be available.

form migratory movements migracion colombia

1. Enter the name and last names of your identification document.

form migratory movements migracion colombia

2. Select the document type from the dropdown list and enter the ID number and the country, department, and city of its issuance.

form migratory movements migracion colombia

3. Choose your gender, date, and place of birth, including country, department, and city. Also, select your nationality.

form migratory movements migracion colombia

4. Authorize sending emails to receive Migración Colombia’s messages in an email address you can access.

form migratory movements migracion colombia

The «Files» section will automatically sync the ID you selected in the form. Please click the «Add File» button to attach the corresponding identification document in PDF format.

The enabled identification types in the form include Citizen ID (Colombian Cédula), Foreigner ID (Cédula de Extranjería), Travel Documents, Foreign Documents or Andean Card, NUIP, Passport, Service Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Emergency Passport, Official Passport, Regular Passport, Provisional Passport, and Birth Certificate.

Once you have uploaded the document, complete the displayed captcha and click the «Accept» button.

form migratory movements migracion colombia

The platform will generate a reference number, which we recommend saving. Click on «Download» and then on «Pay online» buttons.

form migratory movements migracion colombia

At, we can assist you in obtaining the Certificate of Immigration Movements exclusively tied to a visa application process. We'll need a physically authenticated power of attorney to request the document.

Alternatively, if you do not have an active visa application with our agency, we recommend following the detailed steps in this blog to successfully obtain your migratory movements.

How to pay for Migratory Movements online?

After filling out the Migración Colombia’s Form and clicking the Payment button, the web will prompt you to choose your preferred payment method. You can select PSE (Colombian Payment System) or Credit Card payment.

Step-by-step guide to pay the Migratory Movements Certificate with PSE

Choose the option to pay with PSE and click on «Pagar Ahora» (Pay Now) button.

Migración colombia payment

Enter your personal information. Select the customer type and the bank details to proceed with the payment.

Migración colombia payment

Save and print your PSE payment receipt.

migracion colombia payment

Step-by-step guide to pay the Migratory Movements Certificate with Credit Card

When you choose «Credit Card,» the payment platform will be activated. Click on the «Continuar con Wallet» (Continuar con Wallet) button. Then, you will receive a code in your email, which you should enter in the corresponding field on the website. Fill in the card information you wish to use for the payment.

migracion colombia payment

Save and print your Credit Card payment receipt.

migracion colombia payment

Payment receipt from Migración Colombia

Migración Colombia will issue a payment receipt that you should keep.

migratory movements in colombia payment

How to receive the Migratory Movements Certificate?

The process for delivering Migratory Movements differs for Colombian citizens and foreigners, starting after the payment.

Colombian citizens

Applicants with Colombian nationality can complete the entire process online and receive an email from Migración Colombia with the migratory movements in PDF format.

Foreign citizens

Foreign citizens receive the migratory movements in the Migración Colombia's offices by demonstrating their payment receipts and requesting an appointment on the website.

Start your visa application with and obtain your Migratory Movements Certificate

How to request an appointment with Migración Colombia?

If you are a foreigner, you must schedule an appointment to claim your migratory movements at the migration office in the city you selected in the form by visiting the following link:

When you select the «Agenda una cita» (Schedule an appoiment) option to schedule, a pop-up window will ask you for consent to redirect you to the appointment window. Then, you must click on «Aceptar» (Accept) button.

Migracion colombia appoiment

You will be redirected to the scheduling form, where you should enter information regarding the appointment location and the migration office where you will claim the migratory movements. This will allow the system to display available dates.

migracion colombia appoiment

1. Choose the Colombian department where you will request the appointment.
2. Select the corresponding city.
3. Click on the enable office for your selected city.
4. In the option «Trámite» (Process), select «Certificado de Movimientos Migratorios.»

migracion colombia appoiment

When you select the corresponding process, the calendar will be active, displaying the available dates.
After selecting the date, click on «Buscar» (Search) to open the appointment schedule.

migratory movements in colombia appoiment

Select «Agendar» (Schedule) button, and then click on «Aceptar» (Accept) to go to the appointment window.

migratory movements in colombia appoiment

Fill out the form with your personal information, type and document number, email, and phone. Once completed, check the acceptance box, solve the Captcha, and click «Guardar» (Save). An alert window will appear with your reference number. We recommend taking note of it.

migratory movements in colombia appoiment

You will receive an official communication from Migración Colombia in your email, confirming the date, time, and location of your appointment to claim the Certificate of Migratory Movements.

Save the transaction code for the appointment. This allows you to check, edit, or cancel it. Remember to bring your passport or identification document with you.

migratory movements in colombia appoiment

Migración Colombia will provide you a certified and signed document that reflects all your exits and entries registered at all migratory points.

FAQs about Migratory Movements

What are the Migratory Movements?

A migratory movement refers to temporary or permanent displacements related to an individual’s residence or work.

What are Migratory Movements used for?

The Migratory Movements allows verification of a person’s entries and exits in Colombia and their migratory status for each trip, such as whether it was on a tourist permit or with a valid visa. This report provides evidence of the total time a person has spent inside or outside Colombian territory to validate if they have exceeded the authorized time.

Do the Migratory Movements show only the entries and exits from Colombia or also those from all countries?

The Colombian Migratory Movements Certificate will only show the displacements related to Colombia.

How long does it take to issue the document?

The approximate processing time for the certificate is 3 business days.

How much is it worth to issue the certificate?

The fee is $75,000.00 Colombian pesos.

Can I apply for the certificate of migratory movements at the Colombian consulate?

No, the migratory movements are exclusively issued by Migración Colombia. For more information, we recommend you to visit the official website of Migración Colombia

If I live in a town, where can I find the migration office?

If you reside in a smaller town, it’s important to search for the nearest city, as Migración’s offices are located only in the major cities of the country:

If I have two nationalities, which one should I use to apply for Migratory Movements?

Using the same nationality with which you entered the country is crucial. If you have dual nationality, consistently use the same nationality for all migration matters related to Colombia.

If I am Venezuelan and my passport has expired, can I apply for the Migratory Movements?

The form only accepts a passport expiration date beyond the current year. In this case, you should use the PEP or an extension of the passport with an expiration date beyond the current year. For example: The passport expires in June 2020 and we are in the year 2021, the expiration date must be placed for the year 2022.

Why my ID doesn't upload on the page when I attach it?

The identification document must be attached in PDF with a maximum size of 3 Mb.

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  1. What passport should I use. My new passport # was issued 2 years ago….which will not show my migration for 5 years.
    Should I fill out the form requesting Migration with my old passport # and then show them in person my Migration with my new passport?

    1. Good morning, Ronald, a pleasure to greet you, in this case we advise you to make two migratory movements, one with each passport number, so you will have all the data of entry and exit of the country with the new and old passport.

  2. I have been saying in Colombia for about 11 years the last 6 with M visas – pensioner. Before that I had TP though it expired.

    I need to renew now. Do I need this migratory certificate and for how far back in time??

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