Colombian digital nomad visas approved

Colombian digital nomad visas approved

What may have started as a rumor or as something not so plausible in the expatriate community is now a reality, the Colombian digital nomad visa is already enabled, and better yet, they are already being approved. 

Therefore, we have had the privilege of having several successful cases so far, of different nationalities, with different professional roles, but with processes carried out by our team with satisfactory results.

Approval mail by the Minister of Foreign Affairs

a). Approval mail by the Minister of Foreign Affairs

It is a pleasure for our team to carry out new processes with the professionalism and quality that distinguishes us. Now, if you are considering applying for this visa, we have information that will help you.

What should I know about the requirements for the digital nomad visa?

As we already commented in our blog, here we share the application requirements for the digital nomad visa and some tips regarding these requirements again according to the success stories we have had so far:

  • Be a passport holder with free entry to Colombia.
  • Have a valid passport for at least six months.
  • If you are a worker, an employment letter specifying that you perform remote work and the type of remuneration received. In some cases, the government also requires the telework contract and the certificate of existence of the foreign company. 
  • If you are an owner-partner, attaching the documents that prove it according to the country of origin, for example, the certificate of good standing, is indispensable. In addition, it is necessary to provide a letter from the company stating that you are a partner/acconist and that you develop the activities of the business remotely.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, a motivation letter and a structured project. 
  • Bank statements with income over three Colombian minimum wages.
  • Health policy with coverage in Colombia against all risks. We recommend a policy with at least 1 year of coverage.
Sample employment letter

b) Sample employment letter stating that the work is performed remotely

Download the official guide on the Colomabian tax regime

What is the validity of the digital nomad visa?

According to Resolution 5477, the validity of this visa can be up to two years; however, the visas we have approved have been for one year, and until now, the visas do not include any restriction on the label.

We take this opportunity to remind our expat community that although through social networks and on some websites, it has been said that a foreigner with a digital nomad visa can only stay 180 days a year in Colombia, in reality, this is not true. Foreigners who get their nomad visas may stay in the country as long as they wish, even staying in the country for a full-time authorized visa. This is a category V visa, which has multiple authorized entries and exits and has no stay restrictions, according to the resolution.

What should I keep in mind for a successful application?

We recommend that the documents that are issued abroad have the complete legalization chain to avoid delays in the process, that is to say, that they are updated, signed, authenticated, apostilled, and finally translated into Spanish in case they are in another language because although it is not required from the beginning of the process, the Colombian government may require it, besides this is a factor that can contribute to the probability of success. 

On the other hand, we also suggest, if you are in Colombia, to start the process with time, at least two months before the expiration of your stay in the country. The above since the government’s response may sometimes take even more than 30 days, there may be requirements involving the need for apostille of foreign documents, which could extend the time of the process, so it is essential to avoid illegal stay.

Let your processes in expert hands

With more than ten years of experience and close to 3000 visas approved at, we make sure to carry out processes with professionalism, quality, and attention to detail to achieve successful results.

Our clients recommend us

c). Our clients recommend us

Consult with our experts, and we will guide you through the process of collecting documents; we make the visa application, we are attentive to any requirement by the government, and we help you apply for your foreigner identification card (cédula de extranjería).

What are the costs of the Digital Nomad Visa?

Visa Study

55 USD

Visa Fee

178 USD

Foreign ID Card (Cédula de extranjería)

50 USD approximately

Check out what you need to know about the Colombian tax regime

At we understand how important it is to have reliable information. Therefore, we invite you to fill out our form to receive the free official guide to your email.

Colombian tax regime

Why should I use services?

Visa Services

$ 220.00 - 350.00 USD
  • Includes migratory advisory
  • Visa submit and registration
  • Registering visa / requesting “Cédula de Extranjería”

What are the valid policies for the visa?

At we have the best alliance with well-known insurance company recognized and
endorsed by the Colombian government for visa applications.
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