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Creation of Companies

We accompany hundreds of entrepreneurs to create their company in Colombia.

ü  It is a more flexible figure, quick to shape and more economical.

ü  It can be made up of one or several people.

ü  The liability of the partners is limited to their capital contributions.

ü  Greater ease in operation and administration.

Create a company in colombia as a foreigner, it’s possible!

Start now and consider the following steps:

Do you have investment projects in Colombia?

Capital contributions

(Shareholding in Colombian Companies)

Participation in Trust Business

Purchase of property

Do you have investment projects in Colombia?

From our Department of Foreign Trade, we offer you our services of general logistic management of imports and exports, exchange regime, instruments of promotion of Foreign Trade, foreign investment, special permits, among others.

We provide face-to-face and virtual support in order to save you time, costs and avoid possible fines against entities such as DIAN.

1. Comprehensive advice - Companies with exporter / importer profile

  • Review of legal documents.
  • Government permit management.
  • Preparation of international costing (export costs by INCOTERM up to CIF; cubicized cargo containerized or loose cargo).
  • Follow-up on import / export logistics activities.

2. Exchange Management

  • Advice and support regarding the exchange management of its foreign trade operations.

3. Costing of products internationally

  • General product identification.
  • Logistic costs of import or export.
  • Legal analysis of customs regulations.

4. Preparation of determinations of origin before VUCE

Effective analysis of compliance with the rules of Colombian origin according to international trade agreements for each product.

5. Preparation of certificates of origin before VUCE

Preparation of the certificate of origin of your product, qualifying it correctly according to the country of destination.

6. Logistics management of imports / exports / household goods

  • Coordination and follow-up of the previous order before the supplier until its final dispatch.
  • Coordination of local and international transport.
  • Local and international customs coordination.
  • Preparation of necessary documentation for export and import.
  • Exchange order handling.

7. Special permits prior to import or export

Preparation and issuance of special import and export permits: ICA, INVIMA, CITES, TECHNICAL RULES, etc.

8. International product search

Search for suppliers internationally that have the product and the ideal price required by the customer.

9. Registration of your company with the FDA and USDA in the USA

Registration with sponsorship so that the products enter the North American market without problems from Colombia.

10. Foreign Investment Registry

Legalization of foreign investment in Colombia according to the destination of the funds.