One of the most important decisions when you travel is to choose good medical insurance to be assured for any emergency during your stay outside your home country.

That is why at and ASSIST CARD, we offer travelers assistance framed in an experience developed since 1972, with branches all over the world and the endorsement from more than 5 million travelers that every year choose Assist Card to travel protected.

The plans we offer not only provide medical protection, but also the possibility of having other types of coverage such as: reimbursement of expenses due to delayed or canceled flights; coverage for practicing sports; assistance in case of documents’ theft or loss; early return due to a serious accident at home; among other services, including constant accompaniment and advice at the time of any emergency.

Besides, Assist Card covers in all our services the COVID 19 expenses. The coverage includes hospitalization expenses, mechanical respirator, repatriation, and telemedicine, in addition to the test in case the traveler presents symptoms.

Below we detail the options we have for short and long-stay plans. Any of these plans can be contracted from your home country or while you are abroad(*).
(*) With 72 hours of grace and previous authorization.

Which are our active travel assistance plans?


A plan suitable for short and long term trips, with a global coverage of USD 60,000.


This is a plan designed for students who require a stay outside their home country of 90 days, 180 days, or up to 360 days with justified study reasons. The coverage in any scenario is USD 110,000.


This plan is one of the most complete on the market and can cover a maximum of USD 150,000 worldwide.