The travel insurance policy is a tool that protects the international traveler, not only regarding medical risks, but also provides comprehensive coverage regarding luggage, repatriations, legal assistance, refunds, among others. Which offers guarantees, security, and tranquility regardless of the duration of the stay abroad, the profile of the traveler, or the reason for his trip. 

At, we have a first-class alliance with Continental Assist, a North American company dedicated 100% to providing assistance services nationally and internationally, which has worldwide support from the most prestigious networks of service providers, in the following areas: health, communications, legal, transfers, insurance, and reinsurance. 

The plans we offer have built-in services 7/24/365 worldwide and in all languages, by highly trained and experienced professionals, who also have a human and friendly character to guide and attend to any user need. 

What are the assistance plans available? 

Travel Plans

These travel assistance plans protect a round trip. Validity could be up to 120 consecutive days per trip.

Long Stay

Our extended stay plans are perfect for those travelers who want to enjoy a long trip abroad. If you travel for studies, pleasure, work, or any other purpose for a period greater than 60 days of travel and up to a maximum of 1 year, this is tailored to your needs.

Annual Plans – Multitrip

Annual multitrip plans are designed for those who travel frequently. These types of plans will protect you on each international trip you make during a calendar year, the only restriction is that it does not exceed the maximum number of consecutive days per trip of the selected plan. We have 3 subcategories of annual multi-trip plans, they are based on the maximum number of days per trip (30, 60, or 90).