It is a Colombian visa granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a maximum period of 3 years.

The approval or rejection of visa applications, as well as the time of the process and the time of granting the visas, depend directly on the Colombian government.

The requirements to access it are the following:


  • Valid original passport with at least two blank pages.
  • The last stamp of entry to Colombia or document that show that your immigration status is confirmed.
  • 1 photo 3 x 4 cms white background.
  • Certificate of admission or enrollment to primary, high school or higher education in undergraduate studies, in school authorized in Colombia.
  • Resolution of existence and legal representation of the institution.
  • Letter from the applicant or who respond financially by the foreign, accompanied by statements from banks which indicated that have sufficient resources.


Birth record, or document that certifies the name of the parents or legal guardians, accompanied by a letter requesting the visa and stating the responsibility and personal care of the minor during the stay in Colombia.

Increase in the probability of success of your procedure.
Save time and money by choosing the right visa for you.
Confidence, freedom of expression and confidentiality of your information.
Decrease of barriers that may cause inadmissions or denials of your visa application.
Solution of all your questions about immigration procedures and stay in Colombia.
Visa services
  • Includes migratory advisory
  • Visa submit and registration
  • Visa Stamping
  • Registering Visa/Requesting “Cedula Extranjeria”
  • Courier fees
  • *Prices do not include: IVA, Government Study Fees, Government Visa Application Fees