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Disclaimer: Elefun does not accredit its students with SIELE certificates. Elefun‘s is authorized to hold SIELE exams at its approved exam installation but the certification process is not done by Elefun.

The Elefun Spanish School is more than just a language academy. 

Having established itself as the number one choice for Medellín-based expats to learn Spanish, Elefun offers courses that immerses its students into the reality of speaking Spanish on a daily basis. 

Its teachers’ holistic and real-world approach to teaching the language is what has gained Elefun notoriety around the city within the expat community, but this isn’t what makes Elefun special. 

As well as providing a complete learning experience to its pupils, Elefun is on hand to help new arrivals to Colombia integrate and settle into a new city with airport pickup, accommodation and visa support. 

For this reason, Expat Group has decided to partner up with Elefun Spanish School and show its readers why they should choose Elefun as their Spanish learning institute. 

1. Elefun Is a Certified Language Institution

It can be difficult choosing a language school in Medellín. 

While there are many fantastic options for budding Spanish learners at academies and universities alike, there are also some schools with unqualified teachers and disorganized curriculums. 

Elefun Spanish School is a SIELE (International Spanish Language Service) evaluation center. This means that when you complete and pass an Elefun Spanish course, you have the opportunity to receive a certificate that formerly recognizes your level of Spanish proficiency. This certificate will be recognized by international universities, businesses and other language schools. 

2. Elefun Is Flexible and Fairly Priced

It’s common that language schools run a tight schedule when it comes to classes. 

Students can be flakey when it comes to turning up for lessons, meaning that setting strict class times is usually a given. 

If you’re exploring a new place, however, this can really take away from what’s supposed to be an exciting and novel experience. Fortunately with Elefun, your fun and happiness comes first. 

Rather than making its students work to their timetable, Elefun works to theirs. Classes are offered on a weekly basis, but are tailored to fit around what its students are doing outside of school time, allowing students to make the most of Medellín while studying. 

As for the cost, Elefun prides itself on offering the most competitive rates for in-person and online classes in the city. Both online and in-person courses start from a mere $828.000COP (less than $215) a month.

3. Elefun Takes Learning Outside the Classroom

If you’ve taken a language course at an academy before, it’s often the case that the learning process begins and ends inside the four walls of the classroom. Outside of class, your independent motivation drives how much you continue to progress when you’re not being guided by a teacher. 

Elefun knows that pushing yourself to use Spanish in real-life situations can be daunting at the best of times, so it puts on a variety of after-school events in which you can put what you learn in class into action. For students that take in-person courses, there’s something new to look forward to every evening Tuesday through to Friday. 

To kick off the week in a place of zen, Elefun hosts yoga and meditation classes so that its pupils can put themselves in the perfect frame of mind for their Spanish immersion experience. Wednesdays are for local food tastings, where students go through the A-Z of Colombian cuisine. If students are feeling sociable and have the confidence to try chatting in Spanish, Elefun’s famous language exchange guarantees to get its students mixing with each other and locals alike. Finally, Fridays get students’ hips working with salsa classes from Elefun’s resident salsa teacher.

4. Elefun Goes the Extra Mile with Visas and Housing

Elefun’s school has it all to make its students’ learning experience a memorable one, but what about day-to-day living?

It’s understandable that for many foreign nationals, moving to a new city in a new continent with a new language is a daunting one to say the least. 

Elefun knows this all too well, and set about making its students’ transition to the city as smooth as possible. How? By partnering with a reputable Medellín housing agency with over 700 rooms and apartments to choose from. To ensure pupils are placed in safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation, Elefun has teamed up with VICO to make finding housing easy for pupils. 

Not stopping here, Elefun reached out to Expat Group so that its students could acquire the Colombian V-type student visa through an experienced visa services agency. 

How to Get the Colombian Student Visa

 The process for applying for the Colombian V-type student visa begins with submitting an electronic application to the government visa site la Cancilleria.

The process takes around 30 minutes to complete and requires you to submit the following information: 

  • A scanned copy of the first page of a valid passport. Also, a scanned copy of the entry stamp to Colombia, and copies of any previously held Colombian visas
  • A passport-style photo with a white background and 3 x 4cm dimensions
  • A certificate or document showing that you’ve been enrolled for a course at a recognized Colombian educational institute (like Elefun) for at least 10 hours a week
  • Documentation that confirms the legal existence of the educational institution (Elefun will provide you with this)
  • A letter outlining the curriculum of educational activities for the duration of the course and the person who will be economically responsible for you while you study in Colombia (Elefun will provide you with this)
  • Bank statements from the person economically responsible for you of last 6 months 

For any questions around the Colombian student visa process, you can reach out to us by booking a call here and we’ll be happy to answer any of your queries or concerns.

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