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When you are thinking of starting your application process to obtain a Colombian Visa, there are many requirements you have to collect before taking the first step at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One is health insurance coverage, which is mandatory for Visitors Visas and some Migrant Visas. Since, Resolution 5477 of 2022 implemented this measure, many expats interested in coming to Colombia have adapted to these decisions and are looking for the best health insurance that accomplishes all the government requirements. In we think that Assist Card is the best company to choose a coverage plan and fullfil the Colombian Visa requirements, and here, we explain our reasons why we use their services and the steps to get your visa.

Why Assist Card Health Insurance is the best choice to obtain a Colombian Visa?

Assist Card Health Insurance is a great option when looking for health insurance to obtain a Colombian visa. With over 45 years of experience in assistance services, Assist Card has a wealth of expertise in insurance matters. Moreover, Assist Card prioritizes affordability without compromising on quality, offering competitive prices for their assistance products.

Additionally, the Colombian government endorses its policies for visa processing, alleviating concerns regarding international health insurance requirements. With Assist Card, obtaining a Colombian visa is not merely a requirement but an opportunity to experience unparalleled convenience, reliability, and peace of mind.

What does the Assist Card Health Insurance cover?

In compliance with Resolution 5477 of 2022 for Colombian visas, Assist Card Health Insurance provides the most comprehensive international health coverage, including health care, emergencies and repatriation in case of illness, accident or death. Leveraging their extensive experience, they understand the critical need for robust insurance plans that meet and exceed regulatory requirements. 

Colombian Visa

Valid for visa procedures and coverage in case of passport loss.


Medical assistance and prescription drugs worldwide.


Emergency repatriation in case of illness, accident or death.


Coverage in loss or cancellation of flights, trains or cruises.

Age range

They have different coverage plans, and two of them haven't age limits.


With the validity of 365 days, your needs will be coveraged 24 hours per day.

Their dedicated commitment to excellence ensures clients receive exceptional support and an array of benefits meticulously tailored to their needs. From medical emergencies to unforeseen circumstances, Assist Card Health Insurance stands ready to provide prompt assistance, offering travelers the peace of mind they deserve throughout their journeys.

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How can I obtain my Colombian Visa with the Assist Card Health Insurance?

Due to the fact that health insurance is just one of the requirements for getting a visa in Colombia, you must make some choices and evaluate many things before starting the process correctly. The first decision you must make is what kind of visa you want to apply for.

There are many types of visas, and you may be eligible for one of them. Or the opposite, maybe some visas aren’t available for your conditions. Study all the visas or talk with a professional who can profile you and tell you what Colombian visas are available for you.

At, we can help you choose the best visa that fits perfectly with you. You can contact us , and one of our immigration professionals will help you as soon as possible.

Selecting the best plan of Assist Card Health Insurance

With Assist Card, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re covered by comprehensive policies with numerous benefits and coverages. All their plans are valid for Colombian visas and can be tailored to your needs. Take your pick from multiple options, including:

Step by Step to purchase the Assist Card Health insurance online

Step 1: Visit the Assist Card website

Health Insurance Assist Card 6

Once you have selected the plan you wish, you can make the purchase directly through Assist Card's official website.

Step 2: Enter the essential information to quote your trip

Health Insurance Assist Card 3

You have to select the dates of your trip and the numer of travelers you want to cover with the health insurance. Then, click on "Cotizar".

Step 3: Obtain your Health Insurance voucher and complete all the requirements for Visa.

E-voucher Assist Card

After making the purchase, you will obtain a voucher that certifies the purchase of health insurance. This is the document you will submit when you apply for your visa. We show you an example of what your Assist Card voucher will look like.

Benefits of the Assist Card Health Insurance

Medical Assistance for Accidents and Illnesses

Coverage for medical expenses arising from both accidents and illnesses (including pre-existing conditions) during travel. This includes emergency treatments, hospitalizations, consultations, tests, treatments, and all necessary medical care.

Prescription Medicine and Convalescence Support

Coverage extends to prescribed medications required for treating covered injuries or illnesses and hotel expenses during convalescence, ensuring the insured’s recovery is as comfortable and effective as possible.

Repatriation services

In serious cases of illness, injury, or death, this benefit includes arrangements for the repatriation of remains or medical repatriation to the home country, along with escort services for minors or elderly travelers to ensure their safety and well-being.

Assistance for Losses

Comprehensive assistance in case of lost or stolen travel documents, credit cards, or personal belongings, including support for replacing essential items and recovering lost luggage, as well as financial compensation for luggage losses.

Coverage in Extreme Cases

Provides financial security through accidental death coverage, and offers protection for total and permanent disability due to accidents for individuals under 75 years of age, ensuring peace of mind for travelers and their families.

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What I must do after purchase the health insurance?

When you complete the purchase of your medical insurance, you will need to collect the rest of the documents required by the visa you have selected. All visas have a different list of documents which you must complete accurately. If you want to learn more about the documents that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires, you can explore our different blogs about each of them.

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FAQs about Assist Card Health Insurance

What are the health insurance requirements for obtaining a visa in Colombia?

To obtain a visa for Colombia, applicants must have health insurance that meets specific criteria set by the Colombian government. This includes coverage for medical expenses, repatriation, hospitalization, related to accidents and illnesses that may occur during the stay in Colombia.

How much time does my health insurance need to cover?

For the Colombian visa application, it is mandatory that your health insurance covers the entire period of your intended stay.

How much does international health insurance cost in Colombia?

The cost of international health insurance in Colombia can vary based on the extent of coverage, the traveler’s age, and the duration of the stay. Assist Card plans, for instance, start from 740 USD and can increase depending on additional coverage options selected.

What kind of health insurance do I need? International health insurance or a national provider?

International health insurance is generally acceptable for Colombian visa applications, provided it meets the government’s requirements for coverage. It’s crucial, however, to ensure that the insurance policy explicitly states its validity in Colombia and covers the necessary medical benefits as required for the visa.

Get a 10% OFF with Assist Card Health Insurance

Assist Card Discount Health Insurance

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